EDUCATION NEWS: Top 3 Nations that Acquires Scholarship in China!


BEIJING: China has got 28,023 students of Pakistan studying in their country. This has made Pakistan acquire the third position in the number of international students studying presently in China. This report is issued by China’s Ministry of Education. With 50,600 students, South Korea is at the top. With 28,608 Thailand is in the second position. India has got 23,198 students and the USA has 20,996 students studying in China.

It is learned from the report that presently 492,185 international students of 196 countries are studying in the country. These stats have gone up by 0.62 percent as compared to what it was the previous year.

Students who all are pursuing academic education have increased by 6.86 percent to 258,122 this year. Students who are undertaking masters and Ph.D. degree has gone up by 12.28 percent to 85,062. It is also learned that most of the foreign students who are studying in China have been self-insured. The percentage is 87.19 of the total.

The data by China’s Ministry of Education declares that most of the Pakistani students undertaking any course in Chinese universities have got a scholarship.

After launching the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), the Chinese government offers a number of preferential policies which is the main cause for the rise of Pakistani students in China.

Students are undertaking a Ph.D. degree, 3,600 are enrolled in a Master’s degree, 11,100 are taking Bachelor’s degree and around 3,000 of them have engaged themselves in Short Term Exchange Programmes in China.

The Chinese government is giving several scholarships

Pakistani students are showing their interest in engineering, computer science, medical, Chinese Language and several other fields. The Chinese government is giving several scholarships to its foreign students. Particularly to those from Belt and Road Initiative countries – Silk Road Programme.

Not only studies but the students from Pakistan also enroll themselves in several cultural activities held in China.

They also set up booths that depict the culture and tradition of Pakistan. Some of them also depict the historical monument in Pakistan.

The Belt and Road Initiative in China organizes several competitions like photography, essay writing, and music. The students take part in them and represent their country.

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