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Turkish Summer Exchange Program 2019 – Study in Turkey

The Turkish Summer Exchange Program is an initiative taken by Yunus Emre Institute under “study in Turkey” motive that has already started accepting applications. Hurry up as not much time is left in the registration process of the program. The program will allow you to experience the educational environment of the Turkish fully funded summer school. The funding of this school is taken care of by Yunus Emre Institute.

Whether you are a Graduate or an Undergraduate, it does not matter as you can apply for this program from any part of the world.  Last time when this program was initiated, around 700 students from 57 different countries of the world participated in it. The Turkish Summer Exchange Program also gave an opportunity for the participating students to visit 81 cities of Turkey.  The program is one of its kind and is surely an opportunity which cannot be ignored.

Merits of Turkish Summer Exchange Program

What we have mentioned above is just the tip of an Iceberg. The program simply is an awesome opportunity for students belonging to different classes of the society. The merits of the program are too many; however, some major ones have been explained in the points mentioned below:

  • As stated already, the program allows you to visit 81 different metropolitans of Turkey. This gives you an opportunity to experience the different living standards and cultures existing in this fantastic country of the world.
  • The best thing about this educational program lies in the fact that all your cost pertaining to the education materials are taken care of by the Yunus Emre Institute. Not only this, the institute also funds, your traveling and refreshment cost too.
  • The conclusion of the program is done in a fantastic fashion where all the groups are brought together in the beautiful city of Ankara for a tremendous closing ceremony.
  • The last three days of the program are spent in the historical and wonderful city of Istanbul previously known as Constantinople.

Are You Eligible for Studying in Turkey?

Like any educational program, the Turkish Summer Exchange Program also has its set of rules which determine whether a candidate is eligible for this program or not. There are no hard and fast rules attached to this program and the points below will make it clear to you whether you can apply for this prestigious Program or not?

  • If you are between 18-35 years, then you can easily join this program.
  • As mentioned already both graduates and undergraduates can apply for this program.
  • You should not have attended this program before.
  • You should be someone who has high adaptability and who is comfortable in socializing and living with people from different nationalities of the world.
  • As a participant in this program, you should be having a citizenship which is non-Turkish.
  • Students from all countries of the world are eligible.

The Application Procedure for Turkey Summer Exchange Program:

  • We live in the world of internet nowadays hence just like other educational programs you need to apply for Turkey summer program online.
  • The structure of the educational form is very easy and simple and you just need to get yourself registered through your account. Once you are registered you can fill the mandatory information.
  • Rest assured, there is no need for a passport as far as filing the application form is concerned. However once selected, you need to show your passport.

The registration for the Turkish Summer Exchange Program has already started and the last date of application is March 31, each year. Quickly log onto the main website of the program and make your dream come true.


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