Turkish Summer Exchange Program


The Turkish Summer Exchange Program is an initiative taken by Yunus Emre Institute under “study in Turkey” motive that has already started accepting applications. Hurry up as not much time is left in the registration process of the program.

The program will allow you to experience the educational environment of the Turkish fully funded summer school. The funding of this school is taken care of by Yunus Emre Institute.

Whether you are a Graduate or an Undergraduate, it does not matter as you can apply for this program from any part of the world.  Last time when this program was initiated, around 700 students from 57 different countries of the world participated in it.

The Turkish Summer Exchange Program also gave an opportunity for the participating students to visit 81 cities of Turkey.  The program is one of its kind and is surely an opportunity which cannot be ignored.

Merits of Turkey Summer Exchange Program 2020/2021

What we have mentioned above is just the tip of an Iceberg. The program simply is an awesome opportunity for students belonging to different classes of the society. The merits of the program are too many; however, some major ones have been explained in the points mentioned below:

  • As stated already, the program allows you to visit 81 different metropolitans of Turkey. This gives you an opportunity to experience the different living standards and cultures existing in this fantastic country of the world.
  • The best thing about this educational program lies in the fact that all your cost pertaining to the education materials are taken care of by the Yunus Emre Institute. Not only this, the institute also funds, your traveling and refreshment cost too.
  • The conclusion of the program is done in a fantastic fashion where all the groups are brought together in the beautiful city of Ankara for a tremendous closing ceremony.
  • The last three days of the program are spent in the historical and wonderful city of Istanbul previously known as Constantinople.

Are You Eligible for Studying in Turkey?

Like any educational program, the Turkish Summer Exchange Program also has its set of rules which determine whether a candidate is eligible for this program or not. There are no hard and fast rules attached to this program and the points below will make it clear to you whether you can apply for this prestigious Program or not?

  • If you are between 18-35 years, then you can easily join this program.
  • As mentioned already both graduates and undergraduates can apply for this program.
  • You should not have attended this program before.
  • You should be someone who has high adaptability and who is comfortable in socializing and living with people from different nationalities of the world.
  • As a participant in this program, you should be having a citizenship which is non-Turkish.
  • Students from all countries of the world are eligible.

The Application Procedure for Turkey Summer Exchange Program:

  • We live in the world of internet nowadays hence just like other educational programs you need to apply for Turkey summer program online.
  • The structure of the educational form is very easy and simple and you just need to get yourself registered through your account. Once you are registered you can fill the mandatory information.
  • Rest assured, there is no need for a passport as far as filing the application form is concerned. However once selected, you need to show your passport.

How to apply:

Make sure you check out the list of the Turkish Summer Exchange Program where each Summer Exchange program has a deadline written on it.

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  1. This programme is awesome. It is going to be a startup for people like us having intention to study in turkey. This a very good initiative. Bringing youths all over the world to socialise. I can’t wait to be part of this great group to be selected.

  2. Pls brother MUHAMMAD Yousaf, Am a civil Engineering degree holder with two years practical experincen in towers construction and foundation. I wish to have my Master’s degree programme in King Abdullah university of science and technology (KAUST) in Jedda.
    Pls I need more information. Pls kindly be of help.

  3. I can’t log in to the site because there’s no create your account button. What account are we supposed to use in order to log in on the main website?

  4. Assalam u alaikum, there’s no sign up option only log in, so how can one form an account to access the turkey summer exchange program?
    Help needed.

  5. This is wonderful program, for us due to those programs ,we visit other country and will now thire , life terms. Living style culture etc.i an desire for this program

  6. Assalam o Alaikum Sir, Currently I’m doing ma MBA (Marketing) last semester which is HEC approved MS. Can you please suggest me any fully funded phd Scholarhsip in my area of study.

  7. how to create account?? ,here is problem because there is no option to create account ,it is just for those who have already the account

  8. Hello Sir
    There is one thing i didn’t understand, how can i have that account ? Because you said that I have to get myself registered through my accound, while i don’t have any account! Can u please explaine to me what is that account and how can i get one ??

  9. Dear sire/madam ,
    The 2018 Turkish Summer School was accepted me as a MAIN participant to study the Turkish language in Turkey. But, even tough i applied for visa in time to your embassy here in Adis Ababa, Ethiopia cant give me the visas on time. there for i cant attend the valuable program. it is number one my dream to attend this program. You promise me that your institute will give me a privilege in 2019 program. Please Dear sire/madam give me an information how to apply and attend the 2019 program that my dream will come true. in addition to this how can i apply for your Turkey sumer exchange program?
    Thank you

  10. Dear Sir,
    I can not find the application form for this application, please let me know where do i find the application form.


  11. Helloo
    I want to inquire if i can apply for a summer scholarship. i am 23 years and a level 200 law student in Ghana

  12. Please Sir can u send me the application form for the turkey summer exchange program for so that are can be apart of this program this year 2019:

  13. dear sir/madam,
    Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA).
    I am applying for a Turkey Government Scholarship 2019-2020.

  14. Dear Muhammad Yousef,

    I am Palestinian student holding both the Palestinian and Jordanian passports studying at the Jordan University of Science and Technology in Jordan – second year and wish to apply for the Turkey Sumer exchange Program for year 2019 and want to register as a user for this program in order to apply for this program

    I would appreciate if you support on how to register as user and if it sis through the scholarship portal or not.

    best regards
    Asma Hamad

  15. hello, excuse me I want to ask, how to apply this program? and how to make account? because there’s not ” sign up”
    and may I know how long this program will take? and in what month this program will be started? last question, Do we need TOEFL/IELTS? and should we send CV in English?
    Thank yu so much 🙂

  16. Sir I am trying to fill the application for summer school exchange program 2019. But when ever I am clicking the link. Younus emre school asking for email and password of their site . Which i dont have .

  17. Sir i am trying to fill the form of turkey summer school exchange program, but could not being able to reach it. Every time they are asking for email and password of emergency school which I don’t have. Sir what’s wrong I am doing here.

  18. Sir the link provided for application form is asking for younus emre school user id , which i do not have . And i am not being able to reach that application form ..

  19. Hi. i am interested for this Turkey exchange program 2019 but there is a problem that the registration form is not opening. Can anyone help me out that how to apply for it.

  20. I am a master student of Cyprus international university, (Turkish Cyprus kibris ) I want do the exchange program and I found it difficult to register online

  21. I checked the details of Sir Yunus Emre Summer Exchange program on the official website of Yunus Emre Institute but it doesn’t have any working link which made me worry.Therefore you are requested to reply this E-mail message and guide for further proceeding for candidature since it is very important for me.I shall be highly oblized.Reply ASAP.
    Thanking you.

  22. Bonsoir 🙂
    j’ai participé l année dernière au programme d’échange offert par l’Institut Yunus Emre mais malheureusement je n’étais pas sélectionnée, je voulais tenter ma chance cette fois ci mais le problème c’est que je ne peux plus me connecter, ils ne reconnaissent plus mon adresse email et j’ai pas pu trouver comment créer un autre compte, pouvez vous m’aider s’il vous plait?

  23. Dear committee , i would like to register for Turkish scholarship summer school, but the website that i open does not work. Could you please to tell me this procedure.

  24. Dear committee, i would like to apply Turkish Summer School but the website does not work. Could you please to help me about the website. thank you

  25. Hi,
    The web link you have mentioned above to register online shows only to log in. However, sign up or register option is not available. Could you please tell some other way to apply foe this program. Thank you in advance.
    Best Regards,

  26. hello, mr mouhammad, I would like to apply in the summer turksih scholarship but everytime i tried to open an account i couldnt because they asked for an existing account while i haven’t registre before, does this mean the registration period is not yet open ?

  27. How to get an email address and password for the login. Only the registered users can login into the page of form filling. Please provide username and password through email or mention any alternative way to apply for this program.

  28. i am enable to fill up the form for the scholarship…
    they are asking to login but i don’t have any account…and there is no way to create an account..
    how can i apply now?

  29. i was trying for many days to apply for this turkey exchange program but the website isnt opening and it asks for an email and password . i was wondering which email and password do we hve to insert in it because i have inserted my gmail id many times but it says unrecognized username or password.
    hope to get your reply soon.

  30. Hello there.
    I’m really interested in this summer exchange program. But the link written is stated for year 2018 and i can’t seem to find an application site for the 2019 program. Can you help me to get the information for the application?

    Thank you so much.

  31. The official page of yunus emre institute didn’t announce yet about Turkish summer school fellowship for 2019 the link given in your blog is for 2018.

  32. Where’s the application option? I’ve looked everywhere and I can’t seem to find any other website advertising the summer school for 2019; just 2018. Help me out, please.

  33. I want to apply for summer school scholarship 2019 provided by Yunus Emre but I am not able to find the application form. Please help me out.

  34. Respected Sir/Ma’m,I was wondering why the applications for the Yunus Emre Summer exchange program has not been started so far as it is already 18 march and last date to apply is 31 march.I also wrote so many Mails to their official Mail address but didn’t get any reply I expect that you will definitely reply me.Kindly reply me on my Mail id.

  35. Hello,
    I’m very intersted in this programm .. it will be a dream come true if i’ll be a part of it .
    please I really need to know if it’s still going for the year of 2019 , becuase I’ve entered to the website mentioned above but I haven’t found anything about it … please please please , i need an answer as soon as possible .

    Thank you very much for this incredible work

  36. Dear Sir/Madam,

    I hope you’re doing well,

    I am highly interested to attend this program. It is mentioned that March 31 in each year is the deadline for applying, but I have already seen that the deadline is March 31, 2018. Have I any chance to be provided this great opportunity?

    I was wondering if you could help me to attend this valuable summer school. Thank you for your time and consideration.

    Kind regards,

  37. Application form for turkish summer school program are not opening..
    Can you please guide me where to open it and submit it

  38. This says last date is March 31 every year but while applying it says that deadline was mark 31, 2018.
    This program is not offered this year?

  39. Hello, I am Hannah from Taiwan.
    I was wondering if the application of Turkish Summer School 2019 had already ended or not yet started? Because the link provided above goes to the 2018 application, and I also couldn’t find any sources of the 2019 application.
    I would appreciate your reply, thank you!
    Best wishes,


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