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Beihang University
Scholarship Available :
Degree Offered :
Location :
Beijing, Hubei
icon Global Rank 350
icon Rank in China 21
Courses Categories Degree Duration Fee Scholarship
Art Art Bachelor 4 years ¥ 30,000 Yes
Art Art Doctor 4 years ¥ 42,000 Yes
Art Art Master 3 years ¥ 35,000 Yes
Economics Economics Bachelor 4 years ¥ 30,000 Yes
Economics Economics Doctor 4 years ¥ 42,000 Yes
Economics Economics Master 3 years ¥ 35,000 Yes
Education Education Master 3 years ¥ 35,000 Yes
Engineering Engineering Bachelor 4 years ¥ 30,000 Yes
Engineering Engineering Doctor 4 years ¥ 42,000 Yes
Engineering Engineering Master 2 years ¥ 35,000 Yes
Law Law Bachelor 4 years ¥ 30,000 Yes
Law Law Doctor 4 years ¥ 42,000 Yes
Law Law Master 3 years ¥ 35,000 Yes
Literature Literature Bachelor 4 years ¥ 30,000 Yes
Literature Literature Doctor 4 years ¥ 42,000 Yes
Literature Literature Master 3 years ¥ 35,000 Yes
Management Management Bachelor 4 years ¥ 30,000 Yes
Management Management Master 3 years ¥ 35,000 Yes
Medicine Medicine Bachelor 4 years ¥ 30,000 Yes
Medicine Medicine Doctor 4 years ¥ 42,000 Yes
Medicine Medicine Master 3 years ¥ 35,000 Yes
Natural Science Natural Science Bachelor 4 years ¥ 30,000 Yes
Natural Science Natural Science Doctor 4 years ¥ 42,000 Yes
Natural Science Natural Science Master 3 years ¥ 35,000 Yes
Introduction of Beihang University

Beihang University was previously known as Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics.  It is a major public research and key state China University. It specializes in high levels of technological and scientific research.  It was founded in 1952 and its name was changed in 1953.

Faculties and Programs offered by Beihang University:

The Beihang university offers 59 undergraduate courses, 38 master programs, and 29 second-level doctorate programs in the 2nd level disciplines as well as 10 disciplines to confer doctor as well as master’s degrees.  This university has a library that has an array of books written in Chinese, English and other languages.

Accreditation, International affiliations, and student exchange options:

Beihang University is ranked in the top ten positions among the engineering universities in China. Researchers at Beihang University has worked on a range of scientific projects that were ranked first in the country and has received over 900 awards for achievements. It is considering exchange programs and in the recent past, they are working with over 152 universities from 40 countries all over the world including, Sri Lanka, France, UK, Canada, Russia and United States to mention but a few.

CSC Scholarship at Beihang University:

There are many scholarships in BeihangUniversity specifically for international students such as the Chinese Government Scholarship Beihang University and they are sponsored for pursuing postgraduate programs such as masters and Doctoral.

Scholarships offered by Beihang University:

BUAA is working hand in hand with 152 universities as well as research institutions from across the world. The international students have benefited a lot from the University’s sponsorship programs as well as BUAA CSC Scholarship scheme.  The scholarships include the Beihang University Chinese Government Scholarship and BUAA sponsored scholarships.

The university hosts a good number of foreign experts on a yearly basis as well as scholars.  They take part in international conferences not to mention scientific cooperation discussion.  The University offers the Chinese language to foreign students in Wuhu Province and they are one of the Chinese Government Scholarships beneficiaries.

How to apply for CSC Scholarship 2019 in Beihang University

China has become one of the top attraction among international students interested to study bachelor, master or doctoral courses for free. Chinese Government Scholarship in Beihang University offers above listed programs under CSC Scholarship 2019. Beihang University is a prestigious Chinese educational institute that ranked 21 in China and 350 globally.

Here is how you can apply for Chinese Government Scholarship 2019 in Beihang University here

Step 1: Prepare the documents listed in last section of this page for CSC Scholarship and admission application in Beihang University.

Step 2: Most of the Chinese universities wants online application submission at CSC website and then submit documents (two sets) by post. But, few universities also require an online admission application.

Step 3: Check Beihang University website and to find if they want an online admission application or not.

Step 4: Complete submission of CSC scholarship application and download the forms, sign them and attach all other documents listed in bellow section.

Step 5: Send documents to Beihang University address. If you have any questions then look at our detailed CSC Scholarship application process article with FAQ’s answered.

list of documents required for CSC Scholarship?
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