How To Write Statement Of Purpose To Convince Professors?

The worst stumbling block in convincing professors or admission committee entails poor writing of statement of purpose. But, no more poor statement of purpose because the ScholarshipFellow team brings you a document that helps you in writing a powerful and convincing SOP statement of purpose.

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Statement of Purpose for Molecular Biology & Genetics Student

I am a student at XXXX University in the Department of Molecular Biology & Genetics for three years. After being scraped from a very competitive group of students at XXXX Science College, I have been successful in the University Matriculation Exam. Since it is the best university in Turkey for students looking for an opportunity in research, I have chosen XXXX University for my education. With a cumulative GPA of 3.15, I am now in the top five of the Molecular Biology & Genetics Department. I am now Double Major in Molecular Biology & Genetics and Chemistry. In June 2001, together with Molecular Biology & Genetics Department, I am also going to graduate from the Chemistry Department of my school.

As in every culture, when I was a child, my relatives were asking me what I wanted to be when I grow up. I have always answered those questions by saying “a scientist”. When I saw scientist in television, researching inquisitively in their laboratories, I thought that only scientific researches could satisfy my curiosity to objects in the environment.

I have been interested in the sciences of biology and chemistry since my primary school times. Organisms-especially living in stressed conditions-have aroused my interest for many years. Some were perfect in some aspects and others in other aspects; their excellence in living in various and hard conditions was very spectacular. Then I have been acquainted with the unicellular organisms during my education. When I have learned about their interior systems and mechanisms, my attention to them increased double. But I was not satisfied with superficial information about the living organisms all around us. When I have learned about genes encoding all information, and about the ‘proteins’ that accomplish all the tasks for the excellence in living, I made the decision to be a scientist looking for the mystery of proteins in functioning. As a result of my big interest in the function of proteins, I decide to choose the field of structural biology under biochemistry discipline for my graduate study.

I am attached to the amino acids with deep love. Amino acids, which are the building blocks of proteins, give all of the properties of proteins, and this makes them fascinating in my mind. Since amino acids have all the information to investigate the properties of proteins, the structure of the proteins and the folding of them should be explained in order to explain the excellence of proteins in catalyzing reactions. According to me, the most troubling problem of the future in biological sciences will be the problem of structure-function determination from the amino acid sequence, and my eventual goal in this field is to be a professional scientist in the group which will solve the problem of the future.

At this point, I have focused on my chemistry and biology courses, and become a double major student in Molecular Biology & Genetics and Chemistry. I tried to learn as much as I could in wave physics, biochemistry, molecular genetics, and organic chemistry courses. I had worked in Genetics Research Laboratory with a Ph.D. student working on cystic fibrosis mutations, and experienced in various kinds of gel electrophoresis techniques. Then I have shifted to Biochemistry Research Laboratory, worked on in vitro translation systems for all my summer in this year. In summer 2000, I have also participated in the 3rd International Bioinformatics Workshop at Marmara Research Center in Istanbul, and I have learned computer applications used in biological studies. Namely, I have learned using GCG and EMBOSS programs to analyze protein or DNA sequence data, and I have learned using Rasmol, Chime, and SwissPdbViewer programs to analyze the 3-D structure of proteins.

In the fall semester, I am taking a Special Project course in Biochemistry Research Laboratory, which is only given to students having a CGPA of greater than a specific limit. In my project, I plan to investigate the recently discovered property of EF-Tu to be phosphorylated at a specific conserved residue by probable kinase activity of the ribosome complex. I will study the influences of this phosphorylation on the ability of EF-Tu to bind EF-Ts, ribosomes, and other potential partners for other functions. In the next semester, if this project will be finished, I plan to take another Special Project course to study 3-D structure determination from the amino acid sequence of proteins. I am now taking a selective course on advanced NMR Spectroscopy, which is a valuable tool in disclosing 3-D structures of macromolecules, in order to be well informed about this technique.

As the final destination, I want to be a professional scientist working on the structural biology of proteins, achieving breakthroughs in this area of research. In this route, I want to do my graduate study at one of the distinguished universities in the US, with a professional scientist working on the structural biology of proteins and protein structure-function relationships.

                                         is very suitable for me with respect to the area of undertaken researches.  I am applying to                       to achieve my first step in the way to my final goal in my science life.



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