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Subject Search Tool for Chinese Scholarships in Chinese Universities

Chinese Universities offer Bachelor Scholarships?

Yes, they do, so how to find the best one out of all universities?
Here is the way to do it:

  1. Visit This Website: Bachelor University Scholarship
  2. Second step is to select the medium of instruction in that site
  3. Now, navigate to “scholarship” tab and select “Yes” so, system show only Scholarship offering universities out of all others by choosing this filter
  4. Strike the keyword in an empty keyword field such as “Finance”, “Mechanical Engineering” etc so subject wise filter shows you only relevant universities.
  5. Now assess all available universities and its always recommended to apply in more than one to enhance your scholarship winning chance.

Master Degree Subjects Search tool for Chinese Scholarships

Vast majority of Chinese scholarships being offered in this category. Master (MS) degree Chinese scholarships are large in number, so find out university as per your subject:

Below are steps to figure out university as per your Major:

  1. Website Link: Chinese Master Degree Scholarship
  2. Then select medium of instruction as “English”
  3. Furthermore, in Scholarship filter tab, select “Yes”
  4. Insert your subject keyword and search, you’ll get the list of all relevant majors available
  5. All done! Make your move now and decide where you’ll apply out of all universities which shows up.

PhD Degree Subjects in Chinese Universities Search Tool for Chinese Scholarships

Chinese universities allocates vast majority of PhD scholarships each year which are highly paid and the laboratories are high end class. Moreover, IELTS testing is not mandatory neither you have to produce any GRE scores. Only Master Degree, transcript is enough.

Extremely simple steps to find PhD programs:

  1. Click this link to visit site to chose PhD Program: PhD Research Programs
  2. Chose medium of instruction as English
  3. In “Scholarship” Section, Say “Yes”
  4. In Empty field, add your major and hit search
  5. Filter will not end up showing large number of Chinese universities showing programs of your field, select any and apply.


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