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CSC Scholarship Wuhan University

Fully funded CSC scholarship in Wuhan University for MS and Ph.D. students got opened for the upcoming session. Prepare your documentation for CSC scholarship application in Wuhan university now.

Wuhan University CSC Scholarship online application process

You need to read and follow few steps before you launch an online application for CSC scholarship in Wuhan University website. Details regarding the benefits and scope of CSC scholarship in Wuhan university is listed below:

CSC Scholarship Wuhan University Coverage and Benefits

  • Wuhan university provides Approximately RMB 3000 to MS students and RMB 3500 stipend to Doctoral students under CSC scholarship
  • CSC Winners will receive free accommodation in Wuhan university dormitory
  • No need to pay for any expenses relating to your tuition fee or your accommodation purpose
  • Free health insurance will be issued by Wuhan University CSC scholarship winners
  • Here you can locate the list of all degree programs taught in Wuhan university under CSC scholarship to master and Ph.D. level students
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Eligibility and Documents needed for Wuhan University CSC Scholarship application

How to apply for CSC Scholarship Video

Before you start your next academic journey in China, a quick read on the article about the student guide to study in China is highly recommended.


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