CSC Scholarships 2019 | China Scholarship Council | CSC China

CSC Scholarships 2019 | China Scholarship Council | Chinese Government Scholarship

Scholarships in China | Chinese Government Scholarship 2019

CSC Scholarships 2019 are now open for  Bachelor, Master or doctoral (Ph.D.) degree courses in various disciplines taught in English & Chinese language in Chinese Universities. CSC Scholarships is offered in over 243 Chinese Universities every year. An online application for CSC Scholarships is a mandatory requirement. Whereas, an applicant of the CSC Scholarship is also required to submit another University admission application to the university. After that, the CSC Scholarship applicant has to submit both the CSC Scholarship application form and University admission form directly to the University to process the application.

Benefits of CSC Scholarship

  • Undergrad Program CSC Scholarship: CNY 2500 RMB Monthly Stipend, free tuition, and free accommodation
  • Master Program Students CSC Scholarship: CNY 3000 RMB Monthly Stipend, free tuition, and free room
  • Doctoral Program Students CSC Scholarship: CNY 3500 RMB Monthly Stipend, free tuition, and free room

What is a Chinese Government Scholarship? (CSC Scholarship)

Chinese Government Scholarships initiative was taken by the Chinese Government to promote education, culture, trade, exchanges in education and politics, cooperation and mutual understanding between other countries and China. Every year, Chinese Universities are awarding Chinese Government Scholarships such as CSC ScholarshipsConfucius Institute scholarshipsCAS-TWAS ScholarshipsChinese Provincial Government Scholarships and many more scholarships to international students.

Chinese Universities with CSC Scholarships Subjectwise



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Step by step application procedure to apply for Chinese Government Scholarship is explained here:

How to apply for the CSC Scholarship?

While applying for a CSC Scholarship, please keep in mind that an acceptance letter or an invitation letter from a professor of Chinese University is optional. Candidates of Chinese Government Scholarship may follow the following steps to submit a CSC Scholarship application:

15 Simple steps to apply for CSC Scholarship in a Chinese University:

  1. Find Chinese University offering CSC Scholarships
  2. Find the CSC Scholarship webpage of University
  3. Create an account on the China Scholarship Council website
  4. Fill CSC Scholarship Online application form
  5. Select category B for CSC Scholarship
  6. Select University name and fill agency number of university
  7. Submit the CSC Scholarship form and download pdf
  8. Attach all required documents with CSC scholarship pdf form
  9. Check if University require separate admission application or not
  10. If admission application required then fill University form and download
  11. Check if University require an application fee or not
  12. Submit application fee (if required)
  13. Attach admission application, documents & CSC Scholarship pdf form
  14. Make two sets and send on University address
  15. Wait for CSC Scholarship Results

CSC Scholarships

Following two steps will guide you in detail on how to apply for the CSC Scholarship:

-Step 1: Fill the CSC Scholarship Online Application Form:

  1. Create your profile and CSC scholarship web account
  2. Fill CSC Scholarship Online Application Form
  3. Make separate CSC portal accounts if you wish to apply to more than one University
  4. Find the agency number of Chinese university where you want to study
  5. Insert agency number of your Chinese University in CSC Scholarships online application form
  6. Select the type of the CSC Scholarship award which you want and select ‘category B’
  7. Fill your credentials and desired degree course you want in China
  8. Submit your CSC Scholarship online application
  9. Download CSC Scholarships online application form

-Step 2: How to submit the CSC Scholarship application to the University?

  1. Find out if that Chinese University requires an online application for admission alongside with CSC Scholarship application or not
  2. If an online admission application is not required by the university then you need to submit CSC Scholarship online application form only and send your documents to the university
  3. If they want you to submit an online application for admission to that particular Chinese University, then apply online first on their website and attach your CSC Scholarship form in online application system of that University
  4. Fill rest of the admission form and CSC scholarship sponsorship form at that particular University site and review your application before submission
  5. Submit your application and make 2 sets of documents and dispatch it to the University address

-Documents Required for CSC Scholarship Application?

  • Please make sure if you can furnish attested copies of degree and transcripts for CSC Scholarships application submission
  • Ask two of your teachers to give you a favor by writing recommendation letters for you for CSC Scholarship application
  • Acceptance letter (Consent Letter) from a professor of Chinese University is optional. Motivation Letter is recommended while you send emails to professors to request an acceptance letter.
  • IELTS certificate or HSK award letter if you have (Both optional), you can also provide a simple certificate stating that your last degree was taught in the English language. It is called English Proficiency certificate, that is available from your university
  • Schedule an appointment with your doctor to carry out complete medical examination for CSC Scholarship and then ask your doctor to sign and stamp the form
  • Write a detailed and impressive research plan and state clear reasons that why you want to chose a Chinese University for your next degree? Master degree students can write a Study Plan for CSC Scholarship. The Study plan essay and Study plan writing skills were also published for you to look at. You may also wish to read how to write a well-researched research proposal to convince the scholarship awarding committee.
  • Apply for a passport if you don’t have it now and make sure you have it at the time of submission of your CSC Scholarship application
  • If any particular Chinese University requires an application screening or an application process fee then submit it. Print its receipt and attach it to the two sets of your documents listed above
  • It is advised to choose a reliable courier service to send your CSC scholarship application documents directly to the address of that Chinese University.
  • The Chinese Government Scholarships sponsors international students once a year in all Chinese Universities
  • You can keep in mind that the deadline for Chinese Scholarship (CSC) varies in all Chinese Universities. So, the rough guess for the deadline of CSC scholarship would be the end of the March.
  • If you win the CSC Scholarship then the next step will be to receive admission and Chinese Student VISA documents on your residential address.
  • Now, you have to make an appointment to visit the Chinese Embassy to apply for a Chinese VISA.

List of Chinese Universities offering CSC Scholarships Sponsored by China Scholarship Council:

 Top 10 Chinese Universities Rankings for CSC Scholarship

Student’s Guide to Study in China

A student’s guide to Study in China is brought to you by scholarship fellow team to give you an idea on Chinese Education system and cost of living in China for a student as well as some insights on career options in China for international students. The study in China guide enables you to find out fully funded Chinese Scholarships and self-sponsored courses in more than 243 Chinese Universities to begin your journey to study in China.

China, the country with beautiful landscapes, brilliant civilization and ancient history offers an affordable study for students from all over the world. Over the last few years, China has been concentrating and investing considerably in the education sector. Due to their alliance or partnership with the universities from the U.S and UK, the number of international students studying in China is rising enormously. This is why Chinese Government is offering a numerous number of fully funded scholarships to attract International talent into their Universities and this is why it can be considered that it is quite affordable for international students to study in China. It must be noted that it is moderately difficult to get fully funded scholarships in top universities of China.

How much does it cost to study in China?

Application Fee in Chinese Universities:  Application fee for different degrees varies in different universities and will be around 90 to 150 USD. Normally, this does not exceed 200USD. Some Chinese universities do not charge an application fee and the list of Chinese Universities without application fee was published that features all the universities without the application fee for CSC Scholarship.

Tuition Fee in Chinese Universities:  Compared to the universities of USA and UK, the tuition fee of Chinese Universities is quite low. Depending on the subjects and the rankings of Chinese universities, the expected average tuition fee per year will be around 20000 RMB to 60,000 RMB (3300USD to 9900USD). However, engineering, business and medicine programs will cost more if you are not on a fully funded CSC Scholarship.

So, the cost of education is quite reasonable if you wish to study in China.

Is IELTS required for CSC Scholarship?

No, IELTS is not required for Chinese Government Scholarship. Applicants can submit English Proficiency Certificate which is considered as an alternate of IELTS to apply for CSC Scholarship.

What is the English Proficiency Certificate?

English proficiency certificate is a document that certifies that your latest course degree was taught in the English language in your last attended college or University.

How to obtain an English Proficiency Certificate?

An applicant of the CSC Scholarship can visit registrar office of the last attended University to ask for English Proficiency Certificate that certifies that the last attended degree was taught in the English language.

Age Requirement for CSC Scholarship for undergrad, Master, and Ph.D. Programs:

What is the age requirement for the CSC Scholarship for a bachelors degree?

The maximum age requirement for the undergrad degree program to apply for CSC scholarship is 25 years.

What is the age requirement for the CSC Scholarship for a Masters degree?

The maximum age requirement for the master degree program to apply for CSC scholarship is 35 years.

What is the age requirement for the CSC Scholarship for a Ph.D. program?

The maximum age requirement for Ph.D. (doctoral) program to apply for CSC scholarship is 40 years.

CSC Scholarships Applicant Deadline

The deadline for CSC Scholarships in all Chinese Universities is prior to April 30th every year.

 Question Answers for Self Sponsored Students to Study in China are as follows:

Does China offer free education?

China follows a nine-year compulsory learning policy. This provides free education at primary and junior secondary levels for all the children above six years of age. Though the schools charge some miscellaneous fees, tuition is completely free and is funded by the Chinese government. The college education is not free in China. Although, Chinese colleges and Chinese Universities provide thousands of fully funded scholarships every year to international students. The Chinese government also sponsor Chinese students to study abroad under the CSC Scholarships scheme and exchange programs.

Is college expensive in China?

China’s college expense is comparatively low considering the Western & European Universities. The education quality is improved and that is why China is becoming one of the biggest international student’s hub. China is the third largest country in terms of awarding fully funded and partially funded scholarships to international students to study in China. It is because education in China is not as expensive as in the West. China offers a large amount of fully funded scholarships as well. The 243 Universities in China offers Chinese Government Scholarships to sponsor your entire education and living expense. With that, Chinese Universities offer numerous other fully funded and partially funded scholarships.

Does China offer free education to international students?

Chinese Scholarship Council sponsors free education for international students under Chinese Government Scholarships. All the Chinese universities associated with the Chinese Scholarship Council admit the international students under CSC scholarship program. International students can apply for the CSC Scholarship simultaneously in many Chinese Universities to increase their chance of selection. Apart from the CSC scholarship, Chinese universities award Provincial Government Scholarships to international students. Different other scholarships such as Confucius Scholarship, Great Wall program, AUN program, EU program, and PIF program provides full scholarships for the international students.

The full scholarship in China includes free-living expense, tuition, accommodation, and medical insurance.

Accommodation costs in China:

Even though Beijing and Shanghai are included in the most expensive cities in the world to live, there are other affordable living options in these metro cities.

The commonly used accommodation options in China:

Hostels in China – Usually international students choose this as a temporary option and the rates for a private room will be around 18 -300 USD per night.

Homestay in China – Staying in private homes in China might cost you around 200 – 500 USD per month.

Renting a flat in China – Depending on the location and facilities, a single bedroom apartment will cost around 200 – 1000 USD per month.

Students living halls in China– The price range for this residence hall varies from 100 – 500 USD per month.

Many of the international students in China opt to live with a roommate to save money. All the accommodations (especially apartments and residences for the students) demands a security deposit of around 300 – 500 USD. Chinese Utility bills on electricity, gas, and water which come about USD 50 per month will have to be paid by students living on or of campus.

Average living costs in China – Accommodation Expense in China

The living cost in China varies from region to region where you are. In the metropolitan cities like Guangzhou, Shenzhen or Shanghai, the cost may be quite high. It also depends on the lifestyle you choose. To live in one of the most expensive city Beijing, you’ll need around 600 USD to 1200 USD per month as a student, meanwhile with an average 850 -1350 USD, you can cover one month’s expense in the second most expensive cities, Shenzhen and Shanghai. In any other Chinese cities, you can easily manage your living with around 400 – 800 USD per month. If you choose a dormitory room to live, then the cost will be decreased even further.

How much does food cost in China?

China is famous for its fascinating and varied cuisine at an affordable price. But the price still depends on the restaurant and the Chinese city you are in. A meal at any Chinese fast food chain, small local restaurant or university canteen will cost around 2 – 200 USD.  Medium ranged dine options include both international and Chinese cuisine at a price range of 4 – 350 USD. On average, food bills from the Chinese local or international supermarkets will cost between 80 – 300 USD per month. You can get a bag full of vegetables and fruits with 5 – 15 USD if you buy it from the Chinese local fresh food markets.

How is the education system in China?

The Chinese system of education is considered the most competitive and challenging one in the world. Here, the education structure is divided as 3 years of kindergarten, primary schooling for 6 years and 3 to 6 years of secondary schooling. Higher education is usually continued for several years after secondary schooling. Whereas, the education system in Chinese Universities for undergraduate and postgraduate students are also considered competitive as compared to the Western education system. In most of the Chinese Universities, it is a mandatory requirement for postgrad students to get their research published in SCI affiliated scientific journals in order to get their degrees. Which is why China is now a well-emerging nation when it comes to talking about scientific research and publications.

In China, children usually attend kindergarten or pre-school for 1 – 3 years and at the age of 7 (or 6 if they live in Shanghai, Beijing or other major cities), they begin their primary schooling. Between the age of 12 and 17, the children will attend secondary schooling. Preparing their students for higher education is the main aim of these secondary schools. Apart from their regular studies, these secondary school students should also prepare for ‘Gaokao’, which is the entrance examination for selecting the students to the institutions offering higher education.

Can an international student work in China?

As international students in Chinese University, if you wish to work part-time then you need a NOC letter from your professor to submit it to the international student office in order to obtain the license to work as a part-time student in China.  As per the official notice published by the Ministry of Human Resource and Social Security China, the students who have graduated with a master’s degree or a higher degree from a Chinese university (or from a recognized university abroad) may get an employment license and work permit and they will be permitted to work in China.

Can I study while working in China?

Yes, you can study while working in China. But before 2013, part-time jobs or internships in China for international students were not allowed while studying. As the government realized that this policy prevents international students from taking admissions in the country, they changed the law. And now, international students can easily find part-time English language teaching jobs or other part-time jobs in China while studying at any Chinese University. To make it legal, you need a NOC letter from your supervisor and then submit it to the international student office to obtain a part-time job license alongside your studies.

As of now, if you need a part-time job, you must have a student visa or X – Visa. There are two types of X-Visas. X1 Visa is issued to the international students coming to China for their advanced study that has a course duration of six months. X2 Visa is issued for the students studying a course duration of fewer than six months in China.

How much does it cost to study MBBS in China?

Most of the programs offered by Chinese Universities are sponsored by the Chinese government that means international students are not required to pay tuition fee. But, medical and business programs are not in this category. The cheapest program for MBBS in China costs around RMB 22000 per year; comparatively, the most expensive MBBS program in China will be RMB 50000 per year. The average MBBS program cost per year will be around RMB 30000.

A detailed analysis of Chinese Government Scholarships was discussed on our site where we answered all your questions before and if you still have any issues then post your questions down below. A quick read on the article about the student guide to study in China is highly recommended.


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    1. CSC Scholarship admissions started now and more universities will open CSC Scholarship applications from January.

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    1. CSC Scholarship application window differs for each university but generally, the CSC Scholarship application window opens from October to April every year.

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    1. 1st answer: Yes, apply for csc scholarship on hope certificate
      2nd answer: select a Chinese university that offer CSC scholarship and then fill out csc scholarship form and university admission form (if any), and submit forms to the university for processing

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    1. CSC Scholarship is awarded to fresh students and the students who are already studying in China can apply for University sponsored scholarships, if available in that particular university.

  12. i am new and first time applying for csc and most of university don’t show their faculty details that make me unable to find them like southeast china ,changan,wuhan and many more so guide me how and where to find out their emails to contact them for acceptance or motivation letter
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    1. You may need to find department websites of a particular university and then find the names of professors working in that department. If the email of professors is not there, then you can write professor’s name in google scholar and find emails.

  13. I wanted to find out, is it a must that the recommendation letters should be addressed to CSC Scholarship while applying for masters, or is a general recommendation letter from a professor to study masters enough to apply for CSC Scholarships. My other question is are undergraduate students who graduated from a Chinese university eligible to apply for the CSC Scholarship?

    1. 1. A general acceptance letter is ok to apply for CSC Scholarship
      2. If you graduated from a Chinese University already then you have even more chances to win a CSC Scholarship.

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