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CSC Scholarship of Beihang University

The Beihang University offers CSC Scholarships to international students to study undergrad, MS and doctoral programs. The postgraduate program is on a full-time basis and offers a full scholarship which includes medical fees, insurance, accommodation, fully paid tuition fees and allowances.  It is exclusive of international travel expenses.

The main objective of Beihang University scholarships is to create a research-based and a wide range of specialized mode based on the perfection of the previous general education. It is one of the leading universities in China well equipped with advanced teaching facilities and laboratories. Notably, the university has a conducive and beautiful environment, living services, convenient transportation, and accessibility to banks, supermarkets, post office, and canteens.

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An applicant who wishes to join Beihang University scholarships should have a great command of both Chinese and English and be able to take courses offered in both languages.  The majors that are offered by the Beihang University Scholarship is exclusive of language study such as English, Chinese among others.  The applicants who successfully pass for the scholarship can undertake any course offered by Beihang University. The scholarship can be done in China.

Benefits of Beihang University Scholarship China:

  • International students who win this scholarship are not required to pay any fee for their education
  • Every winning student can avail the facility to live on campus for free at Beihang University
  • The monthly stipend will also be given to Beihang Scholarship winners

For an applicant to be eligible for the master scholarship program at Beihang University, he or she should be of 35 years or below and possess a bachelor degree. For the doctoral program, the applicant should be 40 years and below and possess a master’s degree. Both courses applicants must also be conversant with both Chinese and English languages as the courses will be offered in the named languages.

Beihang University scholarship welcomes applicants from all nationalities worldwide to place their applications.

Applicants from the non-English nationalities are required to present a test requirement indicating their proficiency in English as all the majors are taught in English.  The international postgraduates should score 80 and above in TOEFL or 5.5 and above in IELTS. Also, a certificate from the current department or college showing English proficiency is also acceptable.

How to apply for Beihang University CSC Scholarship?

All the application documents for CSC Scholarship of Beihang University should be in duplicate form and in either English or Chinese language or attached with translations in either Chinese or English. The applicant should submit:

  • Beihang university CSC Government scholarship application form
  • Original or notarized highest diploma certificates or expected graduation certificate from the current university
  • Transcripts of your academic career
  • Research proposal plan which should not be less than 1000 words
  • Two recommendation letters from academic experts and professors
  • English and Chinese proficiency certificates or results of HSK (Chinese language test), IELTS or TOEFL where the applicant’s educational language is neither English nor Chinese.
  • Blood examination report and copy of physical examination form for foreigners
  • A copy of fort page of your passport which includes all your information
  • A photocopy of the receipt showing the application fee paid
  • Application documents list and your post Address.

The application deadline is on 25th March every year and notice of Beihang University CSC Scholarship is now published. A quick read on the article about the student guide to study in China is highly recommended.

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