A Guide to Job Application Letter

After months of search, you have finally shortlisted the jobs you want to apply to reach your career dream position. You have perfected your resume and trained yourself for the interview questions. Now, it is time to send your application and call it a day. But, wait! Have you written a Job Application letter yet?

Job seekers often ignore writing the Job application letter. They don’t seem to agree on writing one. They usually ask, is it essential to write an application letter for the job?

Does anyone even read them? Can’t we only send the resume? The answer is a big YES.nly

A Job application letter gives you an upper hand which is impossible to get with the resume. Commonly known as a cover, it is a document written by the applicant to address the hiring managers, briefly summarize your achievements, and explain why you are interested in joining the company.

If you are thinking to write a cover letter or an application writer, remember it has different importance levels for every employer depending on the position for which you’re applying.

Keep in mind the letter needs to have certain qualities. It should complement your resume, not duplicate it.

What to include in your Job application letter?

So, you have decided to make a killer impression on the employer with the job application letter, and it is time to write one. Here are some essential details to add to your cover letter to

  1. Contact information

The first section of the cover letter should include your contact information. You can also add the contact information of the company.

The contact details should include your name, email address, phone number, and home address. Use your email address instead of your work id and avoid mentioning the current employer information.

  1. An address line or salutation

Try to avoid the most used line, “To whom it may concern” at the top of the job application letter. Use the address lines which specify the person or the company. It will help to grab the attention quickly.

If you don’t know the person’s name, you can write “Dear Employer” or “Dear Hiring Manager”.

  1. A strong introduction

It is important to write a clever introduction that makes the readers want to learn more about you. Think about what makes you unique from other job candidates?

An interesting first paragraph can help you to land your dream job. Briefly explain your career, skills, and achievements to intrigue the recruiter.

  1. Professional experience

It is obvious to summarize your professional background in the job application letter. Try to describe why your experience makes you qualify for the job.

Don’t write that you have four years of experience as a Managing Director but explain how it can benefit the new employer.

  1. Reasons for applying to the company

If you are taking the time to write an application letter, take some time to comment on the company. Why are you applying to this specific company? What did you like about their business as a professional?

Research the company, recruiter, and the position for which you are applying.

  1. Strong conclusion & signature

Conclude the cover letter by thanking the employer for considering you for the job. Show your willingness to be interviewed and mention when, where, and how the company can reach you.

Now let’s take a look at some of the best job application letter samples to draw inspiration from

Sample Job Application Letter

  1. Sample letter for Human Resource Manager

Jack Oliver

142 Main Street

Any City, CA 1234




July 7, 2021


Nicholas Stark

Director, Human Resources

ABC Company

123 Main ROAD

Company City, CA 1234

Dear Mr. Nicholas,

Upon learning about the Human Resources Manager posting with ABC, I was eager to contact you with my interest. When reviewing the job description, I was excited to see how well my experience aligns with your company’s needs and position requirements. From reading your company’s website, I feel your core mission and culture suit what I offer as a professional.

As an adept Human Resources Assistant, I have a well-rounded skill set in regulatory compliance and honed talents in business administration and talent management, making me an ideal fit for the Human Resources Manager position. Further, I am a recognized expert in decision-making and a communicative collaborator. My previous roles have strengthened my capabilities in leadership and teamwork, including keen attention to detail and accuracy.

I am excited at the prospect of bringing my talents to the company. I look forward to hearing from you, at your earliest convenience, to discuss how my experience and qualifications will prove valuable in the Human Resources Manager role.

I would like to thank you for your time and consideration, and I hope to have the chance to discuss the opening with you in person.



Jack Oliver

  1. Sample Job application letter for Human Resource Manager

John Smith

123 Maple Street

XYZ City, NY 1234




July 7, 2021


James Han

Hiring Manager

ABC Technology Services

123 Business Road

Company City, NY 1234

Dear Mr. James,

With six years of experience in full-stack web development and systems architecture, I was compelled to contact you with my interest in the Senior Software Development Engineer opportunity with ABC Technology Services. I bring an extensive background of success in this field, along with the qualifications which are required to make a positive impact in this role.

My experience has provided me with the innovative and technical skills necessary to provide your company with multifaceted technical solutions across a wide range of software platforms. I have honed software development and technical support skills while being proficient in critical thinking.

In my previous role, I have contributed to organizational improvements, collaborative team efforts, and the attainment of key business targets. I was responsible for leading the development of three high-traffic e-commerce websites. I oversee the building of innovative systems via PHP frameworks, HTML5, CSS3/SASS, JavaScript/React, MySQL, and ElasticSearch.

Here are some of my broader technical skills:

  • Agile Project Management
  • Custom Web and Mobile Applications
  • Database Programming
  • Data Science
  • Networking Devices and Tools

It would be a pleasure to learn more about the company’s needs. I would welcome the chance to provide further insight into my knowledge of project management, technical abilities, personal attributes, and track record of success in building revenue-generating web technologies compatible across multiple platforms, browsers, and devices.

Thank you for considering my candidacy for this position. I hope to hear from you soon to schedule an interview.



John Smith

  1. Sample Job application letter for Human Resource Manager

Sarah Fernandez

123 Bucharest Street

XYZ City, LA 1234




July 7, 2021


Hiring Manager

XYZ Enterprise

123 Business Road

Company City, LA 1234


Dear Hiring Manager,

As an ambitious professional with leadership proficiency and extensive Sales Associate experience, I was thrilled to learn about the Sales Executive opening. I was compelled to contact you with my interest as it would a career highlight to be considered for such an opportunity with XYZ Enterprise. I believe that my professional background and industrialist drive make me an ideal candidate to fill this position.

I thrive in high-pressure and fast-paced situations, striving for positive results by applying my operations management and developing sales strategy abilities. Further, I possess expertise in business development and acumen for maximizing performance and inspiring colleagues. I can visualize success and identify unconventional yet highly effective strategies for achieving it.

I have skillfully balanced organizational objectives and productive relationships, strategizing and recommending ways to achieve and maintain a competitive business edge. My management and customer service talents have supported my professional growth.

Enclosed, please find my resume for your review. I will look forward to contacting you within the week so we can discuss the next step in your hiring process. In closing, thank you for your time and consideration of my candidacy.



Sarah Fernandez


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