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Acceptance letter template by professors or consent form provided by universities for scholarships can be downloaded here:

Download: Acceptance Letter Template

Either view download and view above Acceptance letter by professor for supervision of MS or supervision of PHD studies or you can have a look at this second Sample of Acceptance Letter issued by professor for Scholarship:


Acceptance Letter by Professor for Student

University Name Could Be Present Here

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Acceptance Letter Issues for Mr. *Applicant Name Space Here*

I am pleased to inform you that I’d like to accept you as a Master student under my supervision at the School of Energy Resources, China University of Political and History Sciences, Emirates Arab. You will be studying and working on the project related to historical reservoir geology. Depend on the time you obtain the scholarship from Emirates, you might start your study here at Emirates University of History and Political Science, Arab in September, 2014, and finish the proposed master study in June, 2017.

We will provide you with office space and access to equipment and supplies in our laboratory. And I understand that you will apply for financial support from Emirates Scholarship Council to cover your living expenses for your stay at Arab Sample University of Geosciences, Country Name Here. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need any further information or assistance. I look forward to hearing from you in near future.

With scholarship funding, as a professor of this institute i’ll also support financially and technically the laboratory expenditures this candidate requires for research purpose. I analysed work history and impressing academic records of this candidate name here and would recommend him for scholarship name here for year ______.

Closing of Acceptance Letter
Insertion of Professor Contact Credentials with Signature and Stamp can be easily inserted Here

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