165+ University Agency Numbers For Chinese Government Scholarships

All Chinese Universities Agency Numbers list:

Agency number for Chinese government scholarship 2020

Agency number of Shanghai Jiao Tong University SJTU 10248
Agency number of RENMIN UNIVERSITY OF CHINA 10002
Agency number of China Foreign Affairs University 10040
Agency number of Beijing Institute of Technology 10007
Agency number of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications 10013
Agency number of University of Science and Technology Beijing 10008
Agency number of Shanghai University 10280
Agency number of Beijing Univ. of Chemical Tech. 10010
Agency number of TSINGHUA UNIVERSITY 10003
Agency number of Beihang University (BUAA) 10006
Agency number for Beijing Forestry University 10022
Agency number for China Agricultural Univ (CAU) 10019
Agency number of Beijing Normal University 10027
Agency number of Capital Normal University 10028
Agency number of Beijing Foreign Studies University 10030
Agency number of Central Univ. of Finance and Economics 10034
Agency number of Central Conservatory of Music 10045
Agency number of Beijing International Studies University 10031
Agency number of Univ. of International Business and Economics 10038
Agency number for Capital Univ. of Business and Economics 10036
Agency number of Beijing Sports University 10043
Agency number of Dalian Medical University 10161
Agency number of Dalian Univ. of Foreign Languages 10172
Agency number of Liaoning Normal University 10165
Agency number of Jilin University 10183
Agency number of Harbin Institute of Technology 10213
Agency number of China Medical University 10159
Agency number of Jilin Normal University 10203
Agency number of Tongji University 10247
Agency number of Fudan University 10246
Agency number of Heilongjiang University 10212
Agency number of Heilongjiang University 10210
Agency number of Jiamusi University 10222
Agency number of China Univ. of Mining and Technology 10290
Agency number of Harbin Normal University 10231
Agency number of Harbin Engineering University 10217
Agency number of Anhui University 10357
Agency number of China Academy of Art 10355
Agency number of Hefei Univ. of Technology 10359
Agency number of Xiamen University 10384
Agency number of Ocean University of China 10423
Agency number of Soochow University 10285
Agency number of Donghua University 10255
Agency number of East China Univ. of Science and Technology 10251
Agency number of The University of Shanghai for Science and Technology 10252
Agency number of Shanghai International Studies University 10271
Agency number of Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine 10268
Agency number of East China Normal University 10269
Agency number of Shanghai Normal University 10270
Agency number of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics (SUFE) 10272
Agency number of Shanghai University of Sport 10277
Agency number of Shanghai Conservatory of Music 10278
Agency number of Nanjing University 10284
Agency number of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine 10026
Agency number of Southeast University 10286
Agency number of Jiangnan University 10295
Agency number of XIAMEN UNIVERSITY 10384
Agency number of Hohai University 10294
Agency number of Nanjing Univ. of Aeronautics and Astronautics 10287
Agency number for Nanjing Agricultural University 10307
Agency number of Central Academy of Fine Arts 10047
Agency number for Nanjing Univ. of Science and Technology 10288
Agency number of Beijing Film Academy 10050
Agency number of Beijing Language and Culture University 10032
Agency number of Peking University 10001
Agency number of The China University of Political Science and Law 10053
Agency number for North China Electric Power University 10054
Agency number of Central University For Nationalities 10052
Agency number of Northeast Agriculture University 10224
Agency number for Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology 10300
Agency number of The Central Academy of Drama 10048
Agency number of Tianjin University 10056
Agency number of Capital Institute for Physical Educations 10029
Agency number of Tianjin Medical University 10062
Agency number of Tianjin Univ. of Science and Technology 10057
Agency number of Tianjin Univ. of Traditional Chinese Medicine10063
Agency number of Tianjin Normal University 10065
Agency number of Tianjin Foreign Studies Univ. (TFSU) 10068
Agency number of Nankai University 10055
Agency number of Tianjin Univ. of Technology and Education 10066
Agency number of Liaoning University 10140
Agency number of Dalian Maritime University 10151
Agency number of Northeastern University 10145
Agency number of Dalian Univ. of Technology 10141
Agency number of Nanjing Univ of Chinese Medicine 10315
Agency number of Nanchang University 10403
Agency number of Zhejiang Sci-Tech University 10338
Agency number of Zhejiang Univ of Technology 10337
Agency number of Anhui Normal University 10370
Agency number of Zhejiang Normal University 10345
Agency number of Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute 10408
Agency number of Wuhan University of Technology 10497
Agency number of Zhongnan Univ. of Economics and Law 10520
Agency number of Huazhong Agricultural University 10504
Agency number of Huazhong Univ of Science and Technology 10487
Agency number of Wuhan University 10486
Agency number of Guangxi University 10593
Agency number of Guangxi University for Nationalities 10608
Agency number of Huazhong Normal University 10511
Agency number of Xiangtan University 10530
Agency number of Zhejiang University 10335
Agency number of Zhengzhou University 10459
Agency number of Shenyang Normal University 10166
Agency number of Yanbian University 10184
Agency number of Beihua University 10201
Agency number of Dongbei Univ of Finance and Economics 10173
Agency number of Changchun Univ. of Science and Technology 10186
Agency number of Northeast Normal University 10200
Agency number of Chongqing University 10611
Agency number of Southwest University 10635
Agency number of Shandong Normal University 10445
Agency number of University of Science and Technology of China (USTC) 10358
Agency number of Hunan University, Changsha 10532
Agency number of Sichuan University 10610
Agency number of China Univesity of Geosciences (Wuhan) 10491
Agency number of Hunan Normal University, Changsha 10542
Agency number of Shantou University 10560
Agency number of Central South University, Changsha 10533
Agency number of Guangxi Medical University 10598
Agency number of South China University of Technology 10561
Agency number of South China Normal University 10574
Agency number of South China Agricultural University 10564
Agency number of Sunyat-Sen University 10558
Agency number of CHANG’AN UNIVERSITY 10710
Agency number of Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine  10572
Agency number of Guangxi Normal University 10602
Agency number of Ningbo University 11646
Agency number of University of Electronic Science and Technology of China 10614
Agency number of Southwest Jiaotong University 10613
Agency number of NINGXIA UNIVERSITY 10749
Agency number of GUIZHOU UNIVERSITY 10657
Agency number of YUNNAN UNIVERSITY 10673
Agency number of Chongqing University of Posts and telecommunications 10617
Agency number of XI’AN JIAOTONG UNIVERSITY 10698
Agency number of YUNNAN NORMAL UNIVERSITY 10681
Agency number of NORTHWEST A&F UNIVERSITY 10712
Agency number of Shandong University 10422
Agency number of The Southwestern University of Finance and Economics 10651
Agency number of SHIHEZI UNIVERSITY 10759
Agency number of XIDIAN UNIVERSITY 10701
Agency number of SHAANXI NORMAL UNIVERSITY 10718
Agency number of XINJIANG UNIVERSITY 10755
Agency number of LANZHOU UNIVERSITY 10730
Agency number of Embassy of P.R. China in Angola 0241
Agency number of Embassy of P.R. China in Azerbaijan 0311
Agency number of Embassy of Argentina in P.R. China 0321
Agency number of Embassy of P.R. China in Antigua and Barbuda 0281
Agency number of Consulate – General of P.R. China in Sydney 0361
Agency number of Embassy of P.R. China in Myanmar 1041
Agency number of Embassy of P.R. China in Bahamas 0441
Agency number of Embassy of P.R. China in Algeria 0121
Agency number of Embassy of Bahrain in P.R. China 0481
Agency number of Embassy of P.R. China in Austria 0401
Agency number of Embassy of P.R. China in Albania 0081

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If you want to read stories about students who won Scholarships? See below post:

Student Interview Who won Scholarship at Dorothea Christiane Erxleben-Scholarship


Press Conference in the Harz Hospital for a student: Marie-Theres Gaßmann sitting together with the head physicians Peter Nartschik and Tom Schilling in the podium. Reason: The 27-year-old is the first medical student who receives the Dorothea Christiane Erxleben-Scholarship of resin Hospital.

The device thus encourages doctors junior – and at the same time their own, because after the successful completion of studies gets Gaßmann employment in resin Hospital and can complete their specialist training there.

Since 2008 she has joined the Harz Hospital, graduated from the one-year internship at the dermatological station and then trained as a health and nurse, which she passed with distinction in 2012. Until the beginning of her studies at the Martin Luther University of Halle in the fall of 2013 she worked in the anesthesiology department of the hospital.

The Dorothea Christiane Erxleben-Scholarship was set up by the resin Hospital on the occasion of the 300th birthday of its namesake on 13 November 2015. In the coming fall semester, students can apply for it again. Up to three can be selected, the next received 450 EUR a month intensive support in their practical training and for getting among other placements in clinics Ballenstedt Blankenburg, Quedlinburg and Wernigerode.

“The scholarship gives me the opportunity to return to the region,” says the young woman who was born in Quedlinburg. Her family and her partner live in the region, so that it would be possible, “here to settle down and build a family.” For them, an important component of professional life to be successful.

“Candidates now look very closely at the environment,” says Tom Schilling, chief physician and director of the Center of Medicine and medical director of the hospital Wernigerode / Blankenburg. Not only the working conditions would have to agree, but also the things that made up a high quality of life in addition to the professional.

Since one wants to create synergies, he says, referring among other things to the example of Kita care. Doctors of resin Hospital can let their offspring from six in the morning to evening look after half-past eight in Wernigerode in three of the 16 municipal nursery facilities – if they live in the city or move there.

For the professional qualification of doctors, the resin Hospital offers a spectrum, as it is usually only found at the university and large hospitals, says Schilling. Medical is the house – an academic teaching hospital of the Otto-von-Guericke University Magdeburg – “absolutely up to date” and “what is done today at the head of the”.

The Hospital advertises its scholarship nationwide, specifically but at the Universities of Göttingen, Halle, Hannover, Leipzig, and Magdeburg, says Schilling. “We want to focus on a radius of 150 kilometers, there is probably the greatest interest.”


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