Email Samples to Professor in Chinese Universities


Below are Few samples of emails you can use to figure out how you should contact professors in Foreign Universities to accept you as their students under scholarships.

Email To Professor For Acceptance letter

#1 Sample

Greetings Professor,

I am contacting you on the way to ask if any slot is available in your lab for Ph.D. Research work so I can pursue my career in your field of interest. I am a highly multi-skilled person and I insist if you can have a quick interview session with me over Skype just to assess my skills and educative quality, and based on that you may offer me a research place in your laboratory.

Sir, I can develop an introductory presentation for your review before a Skype interview about the research field you are in and definitely I’ll get your attention through that presentation. Just give me a chance and I’ll never disappoint you.

Request For Your:
Recommendation/Acceptance for My Admission in UST

My Intro:
I have done Graduation in Environmental Engineering from _______ University, Pakistan scoring 80% Marks. I have diverse expert level skills like Aspen HYSYS, MS Office, PowerPoint & Visio.

I have to apply for the UST standard Admission procedure. So, Will you please let me know if you have any vacancy in your lab so that I would apply properly through the standard admission procedure of UST, which is going to start from
10 September 2020 to 12 October 2020. I request you to accept me as a candidate and recommend me for admission in your institute.

I am a person who needs a chance from a kind person like you sir and I’ll be the one on whom you’ll feel proud one day. I am fun loving and at the same time very focused person.

I am looking forward to your email sir.
Best Regards,


Email To Professor For Acceptance letter

#2 Sample

Dear Sir,

I am ABC from Pakistan. I have completed my Bachelor’s degree in XYZ. Now I want to apply for M.Sc or Ph.D. at XYZ University. I have both Research Experience and excellent Academic Background. Respected Sir, I have seen your profile. I am too much interested in your work and research areas and direction.

I want to work in your laboratory under your Supervision. I had a great wish to continue my studies in the field of “ABC”. I am going to apply for the Chinese Government Scholarship. I request you to give me the “Acceptance letter” as my M.Sc. supervisor so I can join your department if I succeeded to get Chinese Government scholarship” 2020. This will be an honor for me. Sir, I will accomplish all the tasks accurately and timely.

My curriculum vitae and research Proposal attached below, Sir I am waiting for your positive response.

Best Regards,
Your Department
Your University

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  1. hello dear,
    i have did my mphil in physics with research project on multiferroic materials. i am interested in material and nano material sciences. can you suggest me the universities and also any thing else which helps me in obtaining the scholarships
    atif bashir

  2. i have completed mphil in south asian studies(social sciences). Now can i apply in any university of China for Phd? suggest me please any university for social sciences

  3. Slam sir, how i get my desire university link and professor email address ? also tell the applying of admission and the applying of scholarships are two different process/method?

  4. Dear Sir,

    I am trying to access the CSC website but it keeps saying it cannot be reached. I wanted to know if there is an ongoing maintenance on the website.

  5. is there any possibility to get scholarship after contact to different professors of your relevent field but no response yet in mid of march while closing date is 30th of march??

  6. Dear Sir,
    i am Btech Mechanical. i complete my education in 2013. Can u advice me in how to apply any website, or direct contact with teacher. and which classes is available for mechanical engineers

  7. Hello Muhammad.
    need help please, its necessary to send a research proposal to Professor when applying for acceptance letter?

  8. How do I get the contact Email address of a professor in Southeast University, China, School of Information science and engineering.? I need him/her to give me an acceptance letter to supervise my project because I am applying for the CSC scholarship.

  9. Thanks for your great efforts, I really appreciate what you are doing. I have a question. I got an acceptance Letter from a Chinese Professor, and its condition was to fill the CSC and BIT university online forms and send me the application number.. I did all and professor gave me letter and said upload it .

    Now the question is 1st I have to submit it to CSC link through which I Login , and in order to do that I had to withdraw my application and weather my CSC serial number will effect.

    Kindly guide me please, I will be waiting for your response.
    please reply me at email as I it would be better thanks.

  10. This website is much helpfull for students who want to study abroad,team of this site is very hardworking , very good.

  11. Hello Muhammad,
    I applied to shandong university and have been considered preliminary awaiting my admission letter and CSC approval. What can I do again to fast track my admission and CSC approval?
    Thank you.

    Best regards,
    Owusu Stephen.


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