Beijing Government Scholarship


Beijing Government Scholarship is another opportunity for international students to study for free in China and the application process of the Beijing Municipal Government Scholarship is similar to that of China Scholarship Council (CSC) Scholarship.

Beijing Municipal Government Scholarship Types and Duration

1)International Applicants for Scholarships in China for Bachelor’s, Masters and Ph.D. academic degree Degrees in the Chinese universities and faculties in Beijing region:
period of scholarship ought to be below four years.

2)Applicants for Chinese language coaching or relevant advanced studies in Chinese universities and faculties within the Beijing region:
period of scholarship ought to be below one year.

3)Scholars and international students for specialized coaching in Chinese universities and language study faculties in Beijing region:
period of scholarship ought to be below one year.

4)International Bright, Outstanding and Exchange students contribute in cross-cultural international education in Beijing: the period of scholarship ought to be below one year.

Beijing Government Scholarship Coverage

This Beijing government scholarship is awarded by Beijing Municipal Government to international candidates offers the only waiver of Tuition fee and rates are:

  • 5000 RMB per year for the outstanding exchange student
  • 10,000 RMB per year awarded to Language Program Candidates
  • 30,000 RMB per year to the international Master Degree applicants
  • 20,000 RMB per year awarded to Bachelor intake international students
  • 40,000 RMB per month to Doctoral international student
  • Monthly Living Allowance and dormitory room for Beijing Municipal Scholarship Winners

Eligibility for Beijing Government Scholarship China

  • Beijing Scholarship is offered to healthy non-Chinese citizen applicants
  • 30 years of age limit applicable for Bachelor Degree applicants for Beijing Scholarship, for master degree in Beijing age limit is 35 years and 40 years for Doctoral studies applicants of Beijing scholarship.
  • The applicant of Beijing Municipal Government Scholarship must not receive any other Chinese Scholarship before or in time of his application

Step by Step application Procedure for the Beijing Municipal Government Scholarship for BS-MS and PhD

  • Step A: Application directly through Universities in Beijing: Step (A – E) are based on how to Find Universities which offer Beijing Scholarships

[tie_full_img]Chinese Universities with CSC Scholarships Subjectwise




  • Step B: Select any university in Beijing and find out which one offers your Subject or:
  • Step C: You can also search for Beijing Universities based on Degree programs here:
    Step D: Once you finalize any university situated in Beijing then visit the website of that University in Beijing for “International Students” and locate Scholarships tab
  • Step E: In Scholarships Section, click on the Beijing Municipal Government Scholarship. Here you’ll find the complete procedure guide of that particular Beijing University with application forms and required document list but see below steps for the general procedure:
  • Step F: Download this Beijing Government Scholarship application form
  • Step G: Fill above Beijing scholarship form and attach List of below documents with it
  • List of Documents Required for Beijing Municipal Government Scholarship:

    Medical form
    -Transcript and Degrees Attested Copies
    -2 Recommendation letters
    Acceptance Letter (Optional) See here how to convince professors and send emails
    -English Proficiency Form
    -Statement of Purpose See Sample hereStudy Plan
    -Application Fee (Depends on Universities)

  • Prepare all of these documents and then attach it with the application form and send it to your targeted University address in Beijing
  • The application process accomplished.
  • Wait for the result.

Application Submission Deadline:

Make sure you check out the Beijing Government Scholarship deadline here before proceeding any further with your preparation.

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