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International students are invited to apply for the Yunnan Provincial Government Scholarship in the Yunnan Agricultural University of China where you can study bachelor, master or doctoral degree courses without worrying about the fee and you will get a monthly stipend to support your living and accommodation with life insurance coverage.

Yunnan Provincial Government Scholarship at Yunnan Agricultural University in China

Yunnan provincial authorities’ scholarships offered in Yunnan agricultural university offers scholarships to:

  • Doctoral program
  • Bachelors program
  • Grasp’s program college students and non-degree students for the students who want to study the Chinese language as well as the visiting college students.

The Yunnan agricultural worldwide faculty was established on 24th September 2013. Its main objective is to advertise the development of Analysis College and college educating as well as enhancing the global degree of college.

Yunnan Government Scholarship Coverage 

The scholarship offers the applicants a chance to pursue various levels of their choice which are the bachelor’s program, doctoral program, grasp’s program, non-degree program and college student program. The college and non -degree programs consist of visiting college students and Chinese language studies.

The Yunnan government scholarships offer the nominated candidates a chance to study any of the programs offered by the college.

The varieties of the scholarship are not identified.

Advantages of the Yunnan scholarship

The awardees are given:

  • Monthly stipend of 1200 yuan to PhD, 800 yuan to MS and 600 yuan to language and undergrad students
  • Medical insurance coverage
  • Accommodation
  • Monthly living or residing allowances
  • Fully covered tuition

Yunnan Government Scholarship Eligibility

The applicants should meet the required standards of the Yunnan provincial authorities scholarship for them to be enrolled in Yunnan agricultural university in China.

  • The applicants should be from non-Chinese language nationalities
  • They should be in good health and a sound mind.

Yunnan Government Scholarship Age Limit

  1. The Bachelor’s diploma program which takes four years should be 25 years and below. The candidates are supposed to have an excessive faculty commencement certification with amazing efficiency throughout.
  2. The grasp’s diploma program which takes two to three years candidates needs to be of 35 years and below. The candidates should maintain their bachelor’s diploma with glorious efficiency.
  3. The doctoral program students should maintain their grasp’s diploma with the same zeal and be of 40 years and below. The program takes a duration of three years.
  4. The Chinese language studying students should maintain the excessive faculty commencement certificate and should be of 35b years and below. The program takes 1 -2 years.
  5. The visiting college student’s whoa take one or two years should be of 45 years and below. They should select their two earlier majors and should have studied for 2 years in the university. If not, they should maintain a bachelor’s diploma.
  6. For the visiting students who have suggestion form at least two affiliate professors are supposed to pursue some additional studying with the help- of steering professors from the 9nstitution. The program takes 1-2 years. The candidates should be of 50 years and below and maintains a grasp’s diploma.

All the candidates should have a foundation of the Chinese language and provide HSK certificates as proof of their proficiency in the language.  The Chinese language studying college students are exempted from this requirement.

Yunnan Government Scholarship Application Process:

The utility supplies ought to be dispatched by publishing to the worldwide college students’ affairs workplace by 30th April. Incomplete data and late supply increase the chances of a candidate failing to secure the award.  The candidates are expected to bring forth the next utility supplies and ship the duplicates to the worldwide faculty of YNAU.

  • The application form for the Yunnan provincial authorities scholarship program photocopy and original copy.
  • Applicant’s highest education diploma certificates which should be notarized by a public notary. For those that are employed, they are supposed to provide their employment certificate and those still in school should provide documents that support their student stand. The documents should be written in English or Chinese and if not, have an attachment of a notarized translation in either of the language model.
  • Valid HSK certificates and examine plan in Chinese or English language proficiency certificate
  • Study plan for Chinese Scholarship or research plan submission
  • Two recommendation letters signed by either an affiliate professor or professors and should b written in Chinese or English.
  • Foreigner health examination form photocopy well written and completed in English. If the form does not contain the signature of the attending physician, the hospital’s official stamp or is not completely filled, it is termed as invalid. The examination is valid for six months.
  • Non-criminal record copy

Deadline to apply

For more information visit Yunnan Municipal Government scholarship to check the Deadline ,submission of supporting documents and other application instructions .

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