Cancellation Letter Full Guide


A cancellation letter is an official document that is used to show your intention to cancel a service, agreement, subscription, contract, or event. There are many types of cancellation letters that can be used to cancel just about anything. The benefit of using this official letter is that you don’t need to do the cancellation face-to-face, and it also makes it formal.

When Should You Use a Cancellation Letter?

The cancellation letter can be used whenever you want to let someone know of your intent and officialize it. For example, you can cancel attending an event for unforeseen events by using a cancellation letter.

The letter is sent to the people in charge of the party and it lets them that you will not make it and that you require to receive a refund. There are thousands of other reasons when you should use a cancellation letter.

Cancellation Letter Sample

We know that it’s difficult to find inspiration when writing a cancellation letter and therefore, we have created a couple of samples that you can use. The samples can be easily edited and modified to fit your specific needs.

#1 For Memberships

Your name

Your street address

Your city, state, zip

Person addressed to

Business name

Business street address

Business city, state, zip

Dear sir or madam:

Effective (date), we would like to cancel our contract for monthly maintenance on the XYZ Photocopy Machine. Please credit our account with any balance owed.

The details of our contract are as follows:

(Customer name/business name)

(Contract number)

(Customer number)

If you have any questions, I may be reached via email at (email address) or by telephone at (telephone number). I would appreciate confirmation of this letter and that our account is closed in writing within 30 days of receipt of this letter.

Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.



(type out your name)

#2 For Appointments

Sender’s Name

Sender’s Address

Sender’s Phone Number

Today’s Date

Receiver’s Name

Receivers’ Address

Receiver’s Phone Number

Dear sir or madam,

This letter is written to inform you that the interview appointment that was scheduled with [receiver’s name] on [the appointment’s date] at [the location] has been cancelled as [the reasons]. In order to schedule a new appointment, please contact me on my personal phone number.

Any inconvenience is highly regretted.




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