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The list of Scholarships in Chinese Universities including 243 Chinese Universities offering CSC Scholarships as well as Confucius Institute scholarships, CAS-TWAS scholarships and provincial-university sponsored scholarships is available here.

What is Chinese Government Scholarship?

Chinese Government Scholarships initiative was taken by the Chinese Government to promote education, culture, trade, exchanges in education and politics, cooperation and mutual understanding between other countries and China.

Every year, Chinese Universities are awarding Chinese Government Scholarships such as CSC Scholarships, Confucius Institute scholarships, CAS-TWAS Scholarships, Chinese Provincial Government Scholarships and many more scholarships to international students.

Chinese Government Scholarships (CGS) are sponsored by the Chinese Scholarship Council that is also known as a CSC Scholarship. Chinese universities affiliated with Chinese Scholarship Council can accept international students under CSC Scholarship University program.

There are bachelors, masters and doctoral degree courses offered by these Chinese universities in either English or Chinese language. Chinese Universities are also awarding Chinese Provincial Government Scholarships to international students other than just CSC scholarships.

Various other scholarships in Chinese Universities are also available such as the Schwarzman Scholars program, Confucius Scholarship, CAS-TWAS Scholarship, and the Chinese Belt and Road Initiative Scholarships.

This article provides you with a gateway to apply for all available Chinese Government Scholarships.

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List of Chinese CSC Scholarships,

This short list was taken from the detailed list of CSC Scholarships offered by 243 Chinese Universities.

CSC Scholarship sponsored by Chinese Scholarship Council
Frequently Asked Questions

You can watch our video for the further explanation on China Scholarships by typing in Youtube search:
“Types of Chinese Scholarships and Frequently Asked Questions regarding CSC Scholarships”

The common procedure to apply for CSC scholarship in almost every Chinese university is explained below:


1. The most confusing point for new candidates who wish to apply for the CSC Scholarship:

You have to submit two separate applications for CSC scholarship.

  • The first application needs to be filled online on the CSC Scholarship online platform. Kindly download this online form after submission and keep it safe.
  • The second step is to check if the targeted university is demanding online applications or applications by post or both. For example, if University asks for an online application then you have to fill the online form and attach the pdf copy of your downloaded CSC scholarship application form. This will indicate that you have applied for CSC Scholarship grant and your application will be referred to the scholarship department of the university. If the university accepts applications by post only then please send your CSC Scholarship form attached to rest of your documents to the address of a particular university.
  • And, if university requires both then do it as per their notice. You can also narrow down your search by looking at the list of universities without application fee for CSC Scholarship.

2. Can you apply for more than one University Under CSC Scholarship online application system? 

You can indicate three universities in that CSC scholarship online application form but it is advised that do not include more than one university in one form.

Make separate accounts for CSC Scholarship online application website and from every account, submit just one application, indicating just one University name for maximizing your chances. You can apply for as many as Chinese universities using this technique.

3. Can you apply for CSC Scholarship with a hope certificate?

Well, you can apply for the CSC Scholarship without having your final degree. Instead, you can furnish a hope certificate.

4. Where to start to apply for Chinese Government Scholarship? 

Don’t be confused in selecting a scholarship out of such a large number of scholarships being offered by Chinese Universities.

Narrow down your scholarship search scope as per your desired degree course and hunt for all possible Chinese universities websites to find if they offer your degree program. And once you find your program being offered by that Chinese University then go for it.

5. What if you don’t have an acceptance letter from a professor from any Chinese University?

Don’t worry, an acceptance letter is not mandatory! The 50 percent of Chinese Government Scholarship winners do not have an acceptance letter at all. They impress the selection committee from their research proposal or study plan and win any of the above mentioned Chinese scholarships.

6. If Chinese language or IELTS is required for a Chinese Government Scholarship?

No! you are not asked by 99 percent of Chinese Universities to provide them with IELTS or TOEFL. Get a free English language proficiency certificate from your last university and it will work.

If your program under Chinese Scholarship Council is offered in the Chinese language then you will be given one extra year to study the Chinese language in same Chinese University for free.

7. What is the deadline for the CSC Scholarship?

The deadline for CSC Scholarships is not specific. It actually depends on the university you select. There are over three thousand universities that offer CSC Scholarship annually. All universities have different deadlines for CSC Scholarships. But, the time frame of CSC Scholarships applications in universities is from March to April, every year.

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  1. Q1: what are the pros and cons if my program in University under CGS is offered in Chinese language?
    Q2: Can i apply for program in Chinese without Chinese proficciency?

  2. I had completed my Bsc microbiology. Now i am intrested to study Msc microbiology or related subject. Can you suggest me the universities for scholarship.

  3. 1. I didn’t find the full application form . its not working …how can i get the form ?

    2. Is it necessary to contact with the Universities which i want to apply ???

    3. I want to apply in fine art or ceramics related subject , so can i attache my art work portfolio ? is it essential for Scholarship ?

  4. I am from Pakistan sir I am a poor student of the college.
    Sir my father had died and I need a good scholarship for civil engineering sir please contact me 03489856275

  5. Hey thanks for the information on CGS, but I was wondering does CGS also receive applications for university language programs for a semester or more? or is it only for full degree studies?

  6. hello there, i am an architect and have recently completed my masters degree in architecture. i want to continue my PHD degree the same year and looking for fully funded scholarships. these scholarships sounds very promising and good for phd scholars. can you please tell me where to find the links of the admisiion applications and faculties related to my subject plus what is the deadline? moreover some of the universities are demanding GAT and GRE result while this webpage states that no language test and any kind of apptitude test is required. what to believe?

  7. Hello brother, I am Mohsin. From Bangladesh. i want to study in China with full scholarship and others facilities. If u help me it will be great for me.
    so please.

    Thank you.

  8. I want to really understand something please. Now, what’s the different between CSC scholarship and the CGS scholarship?
    Thanks Sir.

  9. I lost my copy of the printed CGS Application Form on which my candidate serial number is type-written. Please what do you advise I do to get my serial number back?

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  11. I tried to apply for Chinese government scholarship last year and they told me that I can’t apply for it until I pass the NTS exam here in Pakistan.

  12. I wish to have the chance to pursue PhD program in China because there are highly- ranked universities that are playing their main role in developing China in all aspects. I am hopeful that I will do it soon. I would like to thank the Chinese government for the opportunities for those who are in need of it,

  13. hello, first of all thank you for all this information. i want to apply for Bachelor degree as engineering major. but i cannot find any CSC scholarship offering bachelor degree program. most of them Ms and PHD. can u please help me?

  14. I am happy finding this site. I will recommend it to my friends doing Confucius studies in my school: Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka (UNIZIK) in Anambra State of Nigeria.

    They will benefit from the CSC scholarship offers as Chinese students.

  15. how to sign in and apply? it says the verification code is invalid. i changed many times but still it doesn’t work what shall i do?

  16. First and foremost, I would like to appreciate the government of China for taking such a bright plan in developing youths who for one reason or another can’t manage paying their tuition fee and who when they managed paying, they ended up getting quantity education rather than quality that we expect.
    China as a country with diverse vibrant and well preserved culture will definitely help the youths in finding a better education facility for the development of his/her country.
    This too will boost the relationship that China has with various countries and to my view as South Sudanese, this will shape and help the two countries in growing their relationship.
    China need to be apprehended for the services they are giving the whole world.

  17. Thank You for your kindly explain CSC Scholarship.
    I also applied CSC scholarship this 2019 years
    to Tianjin and BIT universities.
    I am gratefully apply to CSC Scholarship.
    I am waiting result for your accept.Thank you sir.


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