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The Commonwealth scholarship 2020/2021  for international students to study for free in the UK.  The Commonwealth scholarship is also referred to as Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan (CSFP) which is one the most popular and largest scholarship scheme in the world.

The CSFP was first introduced in the year 1959 and since then 35000 students have completed their education through this scheme. Out of these 35,000, around 27000 students were provided educational funds by the UK government under the flagship of “Commonwealth Scholarship Commission in the United Kingdom”. The Commonwealth scholarship for master degree courses is also open.

Today Commonwealth Scholarship Commission provides fellowships and scholarships to more than 800 commonwealth citizens for professional development and postgraduate study.

The commonwealth shared scholarships provide an opportunity for talented students to nourish their skills and fully explore their hidden talents. The Commonwealth Scholarship Commission is a mixed blend of 6 themes.

These themes are as follows:

  1. Opportunity, access, and inclusion
  2. Technology and science for development
  3. Strengthening response and resilience to different crisis
  4. Making health systems stronger
  5. Strengthening governance, security, and global peace
  6. Spreading prosperity worldwide

Commonwealth Scholarship Benefits

There are several benefits because of which the Commonwealth Scholarship is considered as the best scholarship program. Some of the key merits pertaining to this scholarship scheme are as follows:

  • The air charges which you incur by flying from your home country to the UK is taken care of by your university. Of course, the fare is funded by the Commonwealth Scholarship Commission.
  • The approved examination fee and tuition charges are all funded by the Commonwealth Scholarship Commission.
  • The Commonwealth Scholarship Commission program covers all your personal maintenance, fees and fares. The other awards and scholarships that cover similar expenses will not be held alongside.
  • While applying for the scholarship you need to go through a TB test. The charges of this test will be refunded to you by the university (funded by the Commonwealth Scholarship Commission) provided you deposit the test slip to the administration.
  • A proper living allowance will be provided to you. The allowance very much depends upon your location. The normal allowance is £1,065/ month however if you are pursuing your education in the London metropolitan area then in such a case, your monthly stipend will be £1,306.
  • The excess baggage allowance is also funded by the Commonwealth Scholarship Commission subject to claim and certain conditions.
  • You may require extra clothes for surviving in a cold atmosphere. Do not worry as you will be provided a proper warm clothing allowance (The allowance is provided where it is applicable).
  • If you want to make any kind of traveling in the UK for educational purposes then do not worry as funds to this effect will be paid by your respected university. The payment will be funded by the Commonwealth Scholarship Commission.

Who can apply for the UK’s Commonwealth Scholarship?

The eligibility criteria for the Commonwealth scholarships are as follows:

  • You should be a citizen or an official refuge in a commonwealth country. British protected person can also apply.
  • You should be in the UK before the academic year (September/October) starts.
  • Must possess a standard, upper second/ second class or postgraduate degree by October
  • You should not have worked or pursued the education in any high income or developed country for at least an academic year
  • You should not be someone who can pursue studies in the UK without the Commonwealth Scholarship Commission scholarship program.

Commonwealth Scholarship application process:

  • The application process is very much dependent on the university which you choose. Different universities have different application rules and requirements. There are some universities out there who make it mandatory for their applicants to fill the official university admission form. This admission form has its own closing date so be careful in this regard.
  • The application should be made through EAS which is an electronic system introduced by the Commonwealth Scholarship Commission. Other applications should also be processed through EAS. Ensure that the applications are submitted through EAS to your applied university otherwise, the application will be rejected.
  • As mentioned already every university has its own closing date. The applications will not be entertained after the closing date of the university. The application should be made by EAS.
  • Consider attaching all documents such as degree certificates, research proposal, study plan, motivation letter, and statement of purpose where required in filling an application of commonwealth scholarship.

Deadline to Apply:

Commonwealth Scholarship in the UK is one of the most sought-after scholarships in the world, therefore, it’s no surprise that many students around the world are trying hard to secure it. You should hurry up today before it slips into the hands of others!

Applications for Commonwealth Shared Scholarships Deadline is 23 November 2020.


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  6. Once applied through EAS to our proposed universities, do we also have to apply separately in universities through their own application forms?

  7. Hello. This is Md Sarwar Hossain, a citizen of Bangladesh and staying in Italy. I have done my bachelor and master degree in Bangladesh. Now I am doing Master degree (2nd) in Italy and will be graduate soon. I have an offer for a Ph.D. program from the Queen Mary University of London at the academic year 2020-2021. So, I would like to apply for Commonwealth Scholarship. By considering all of these pieces of information, could you please confirm me that am I eligible for Commonwealth Scholarship or not?

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