English Proficiency Certificate for CSC Scholarship



IELTS is not required for any of the Chinese Government Scholarships.

So, you only have to specify the scholarship office that your last degree was taught in English Medium. For that purpose, you must ask for an “English Proficiency Certificate” from your university registrar office.

Below is the sample of the English Proficiency Certificate used for Chinese Scholarship Council:

Download: English Proficiency Certificate

You might be interested in learning about Ethical way to write about your research, see this:


Ethical Way of Writing a Paper including Research Material


In addition to planning and conducting ethical research, you must consider the ethics
involved in writing it up. It is vital that you refrain from using biased or discriminatory
language that infers inferior status to those with particular sexual orientations and
lifestyles or who belong to a particular racial or ethnic group.

The APA Manual, 6th Edition (2010) states, “Scientific writing must be free of implied or irrelevant evaluation
of the group or groups being studied” (p. 70) and offers guidelines and in-depth
discussion about these issues. Rudestam and Newton (2007) also refer to the issue of
bias-free writing.

They advise writers to “stay current with language that is sensitive to
diverse groups because what was acceptable terminology yesterday may not be
acceptable today” (p. 282). To help eliminate biased language in scholarly writing,
Rudestam and Newton (2007) offered the following helpful guidelines.

Another example concerns the ethics of generalizability. It is imperative that you not try
to generalize the findings from your population to other populations or settings. Instead,
make reference to this situation in the limitations section of your dissertation, usually
found in the methodology. As an ethical researcher, it is your responsibility to accurately
and honestly record and report your data using verifiable methods.

In research, the accuracy of the data is paramount. Therefore, you are obliged to
employ validation strategies such as triangulation, member checking, audit trail, peer
debriefing, and external auditing to check the accuracy of data.

For a detailed discussion of ethics and their implications for data analysis, see Chapter 11 of Miles
and Huberman’s (1988) book Qualitative Data Analysis. As an ethical researcher, it is
your responsibility to be nonbiased, accurate, and honest throughout all phases of your

Data analysis is making sense of the data and interpreting them appropriately so as to
not mislead readers. The ethical issue is not about a researcher’s honest error or
honest differences of data interpretation; rather, it is in regard to the intent to deceive
others or misrepresent one’s work.

Examples of such misconduct include using inappropriate statistical techniques or other methods of measurement to enhance the significance of your research or interpreting your results in a way that supports your opinions and biases. These are ethical issues of fabrication and falsification of data.


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