VISA Application Procedure for Chinese Scholarship

Complete VISA application process for students to study abroad is elaborated step by step which makes it very easy for students to understand and process their documents easily.
Now you can see this below file to find out what you have to do next at this stage:

VISA Application Procedure for CSC Scholarship

You can download file for Visa Application Procedure Steps or see below for the steps:

Visa Application Procedure for Pakistani Students


  • The Chinese embassy Islamabad timing is 9:00 am – 12:00 pm. The student must reach before 11:30 am to remain at the safe end. Students planning to attend Foreign office and embassy on the same day, manage their time.
  • The student from other cities must plan their routes to reach diplomatic enclave bus shuttle service point due to various delaying issues like construction work, strikes, security reasons etc.
  • Before you go to the embassy, Read the list of required documents from Chinese embassy website and arrange/manage all documents accordingly. Download VISA FORM from embassy website and fill it. Photocopy/download all your required documents/photos at home. Photocopy/printing machines are available inside diplomatic enclave bus shuttle service point but very costly. Same is the case for other shops. Keep pen, stapler etc. with you.
  • First of all, go to bus shuttle ticket counter to buy the ticket for Chinese embassy. Single entry ticket is Rs.200 while multiple entry tickets are expensive. After ticket, go to nearby counter (free of cost) to deposit your mobile phone/ tablet etc. finally take a bus.
  • Before you enter embassy arrange all documents. There is some local person waiting for the hall to help you as well. Wait for your turn.
  • When you go to visa counter, handover your filled visa form along with other documents to Chinese staff. Keep original documents with you, they can check documents. They will give back original documents after checking. What they will see, this is individual experience and may vary from person to person. So you should have all documents with you.
  • Don’t hurry and remain calm. Proceed all process in relax mode. Sometimes Chinese staff gets irritated due to some people rude behavior, so observe carefully and avoid to go such staff person.
  • Once you finished, they give you a token and ask you to collect visa after 4-5 working days. You can apply for the urgent visa also by paying the fee.
  • This year embassy specified hospital for medical examination. You can get info about these hospitals from Chinese embassy website.


CSC Scholarship VISA application process for International Students

  • Once you received university admission documents along with VISA form, then find out where Chinese embassy is located in your country and it’s office hours.
  • Make the complete set of documents as described in your university admission package.
  • Arrive at Chinese Embassy for obtaining the appointment for the interview.
  • Present your documents along with passport, when you appear for the short interview and take the receipt.
  • Collect your Student VISA at the specified date on the receipt and make sure everything is ok.


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