Medical Form For CSC scholarship | Physical Examination Form

Download Medical Form also known as Physical Examination Form used for CSC Scholarship application from below link:

Medical Form for Scholarships or Physical Examination Form

CSC Scholarship Medical Form Instructions:

At the time when you apply for CSC scholarship, consider the following points:

  1. Take this form with you to any nearby government hospital and carry out the important tests and upon completion of all tests, a doctor must sign and stamp your photo on page 1 and in the lower section of page 2
  2. You are not asked to send “Original Medical Form” with CSC application, so only attach a photocopy of your medical.

For full CSC Scholarship Step by Step Procedure, visit below link:

CSC Scholarship Online Application Procedure

You may be interested to read the story of Scholarship winners Who promoted Culture:

6 Scholarships Awarded by District Ursynów.


The Management District Ursynów awarded 6 scholarships for persons dealing with artistic creativity, promotion of culture and preservation of monuments of Warsaw. Scholarships are awarded to people who, through activities in various areas of creativity contribute to the dissemination and enrichment of the wider culture.
Krzysztof Linnik is a resident of Ursynów, graduate m. In. Institute of Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology (Department of History, University of Warsaw) and the Faculty of Journalism and Political Science. He produced a series of individual exhibitions presenting author graphic made his own technique.
The subject of many works is inspired by the results of systematic learning by the author of the different cultures of Europe and the world.
“The idea of ​​a scholarship for artists is very valuable. In fact, it allows for the implementation of interesting projects, and not putting them in a drawer. It is concrete support from the district. Currently preparing workshops about the symbolism and the development of imagination. For special orders designing tattoos and bookplates.

Soon will be released book writer and traveler – Halina CENDROWSKI Fri. “Women with a family of Aryans”, and in it my illustrations. The work of my authorship is currently watched in Tarabuku and Cafe Surprise RIO and Art Centre in Warsaw.

I also invite you to organize my cultural events – exhibitions, concerts. You can also apply to their ideas. I invite people from Ursynów and not only to cooperate. Maybe there are people or educational institutions, which in future years would like to develop my project?

Scholarship awarded in connection with the implementation of the project “Green Ursynów. Tales Kabacki Forest “. The concept envisages the creation of a series of works inspired by nature Ursynów, resulting from the analysis compiled by author literature, contacts with naturalists and historians visit selected sites and get acquainted with their history and perform photographic documentation.

In this way, it has created a series of graphic works (mixed technique) consisting of three parts (animals, plants, places), showing the different topics in a symbolic way, the fairytale.

“The project is addressed to both adults and children. This allows another way to look at the surrounding nature. Kubacki, parks and a lot of greenery are huge advantages Ursynów. I would like to in the future to show it in schools and organize artistic and educational workshops for children and adults “- describes the scholarship.

At the end of the project work will be accompanied by relevant descriptions and subjected to retouch, and then exposed to the public at the exhibition organized in at least one of the Ursynowskich cultural or educational institutions.


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  1. Salam bro hope you are doing well!

    Which Universities offer Business studies in MS Management sciences, Finance, or accountancy etc.

    Please help me on this

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  2. what are the conditions to be unfit for medical examinations? eg someone is hypertensive or with diabetes, he/she will get admission or not?

  3. Is it possible to scan the physical examination report of my medical result and send together with the physical examination report form filled by the Doctor? Or should be attached at the spaces provided within the form?

  4. Do I need to attach blood test reports and another reports and include it togather with physical examination form in my package when I’m applying ? Or I just have to provide filled physical examination form without blood report attachment?

  5. Regarding Hubei provincial government scholarship, has the application opened for the year 2018/2019 for both undergraduate and postgraduate applicant ?

  6. sir is there any university in chaina i want to take admission in m.s /mphil in english,linguistics …please mention all the uni names

  7. I am living in china and I am applying for master program of csc but how can I do medical examination form as I already have Chinese visa

  8. Hi, to fill in this medical form in my home country will cost the equivalent of 4000 yuan. I am only applying for the scholarship and universities with no guarantee of a place. Should I still pay for this test? It seems a huge risk.

  9. please are we suppose to attach our original photo to the medical form or a photocopy of our picture and are we also suppose to attach photocopies of the medical reports or original copies?

  10. which page should be uploaded in the online scholarship form?
    there are two medical test forms and in the scholarship form there is space for only one.

  11. HELLO
    i am mulu hassem from Ethiopia
    IS Physical Examination IS mandatory ?
    I don’t have medical certificates at this time but I will provide as soon as possible

    please inform me

  12. Asslam o Alaikum . I have BS(HONS) degree in Mathematics with CGPA of 3.56
    I want Scholarship for my MS Mathematics.
    Kindly guide me and help me.

  13. hi! what if im already in china? do i still need to do this? i mean i have the certificate from entry-exit inspection.
    and one more thing, is it possible to apply for schoolarship if im already in china? (learning chinese in guizhou university)

  14. I’ll apply for Chinese Government Scholarship in 2019- 2020 . One of the application documents include Foreign Physical examination Form. I downloaded this form at the website of China Scholarship Council. My question is that is it enough to send this form by filling signing and stamping? or do I also have to attach eye examination form, blood test and X ray examination form together? I hope you will answer my questions as soon as possible because I am looking forward to study in China. 谢谢大家。

  15. Hi Waqas,
    Thanks for your help.

    I can’t get the XRay and the ECG part of the medical form done – Is it possible to do this in China?

    Will this affect my CSC application success?

  16. I just completed my M.Eng. Civil Engineering and I’m interested in applying for the Chinese Government Scholarship – Chinese University Program. However, my certificate and transcript are still in the processing stage and will not be ready before the deadline. Can I apply for the scholarship using a pre-graduation certificate that guarantees that I have completed my M.Eng.?
    Thank you. I look forward to hearing from you.

  17. How do I access the research interests of the Professors in Wuhan University in other to know the Professor whose research interests tallies with mine? This will enable me to apply to such a one requesting from him/her to be my supervisor. I would really appreciate it if I could get a link that connects me to their research interests.
    Thank you. I look forward to hearing from you.

  18. it is necessaary to attach reports of tests liks Aids, TB, ECG etc with physical examination form how huch a long form be uploaded even after compressing it for chinese gov. schol. 2019

  19. Asllam o Allaikum…
    i recently Get degree of MCS .Now i want to get admission in china in MS or Ph.D..Can you tell me that how i can apply and also what is the criteria of getting admission in Universities?
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