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Example of Motivation Letter for University | Motivation Letter For Scholarship

Effective writing of Motivation letter or letter of interest helps you win scholarship/admission in respective university so scholarshipfellow shares below example document of motivation letter so to have an idea:

Example of Motivation Letter for Scholarship

Motivation Letter Example for Engineering Students

My name is ___________ and I am a ninth year student at the Faculty of Information Engineering, Tishreen University, Syria. Since I was child, I have a dream to become a software engineer. I love Mathematics and programming and I am very good at solving problems. Moreover, I am interested in artificial intelligence and its various applications.

Actually, after I got the baccalaureate, I went to the Faculty of Information Engineering at Tishreen University. Unfortunately, I found that my university lacks the practical experts that this branch of science needs. There are many theoretical materials and no enough equipment, as there are no modern computers, and there is not a good connection between theoretical aspects like mathematic and physic and their practical sides.

Considering the things mentioned above, I decided to complete my undergraduate study in Germany. I would like to get my bachelor in IT from a German university. I chose Germany because it is the home of science. In addition, the German university degrees are highly recognized all over the world. I hope I can get a degree in IT, the thing that will enable me to find my place in the world of research or work, wherever I go. Moreover, I have a big love to the German culture, and learning German Language may help me to know and understand more about the heritage of the tenth most spoken language in the world.

After I started my corresponding with universities, finally, I chose to apply to Technical University Ilmenau, computer science program and I found that technical university Ilmenau. It seemed to me the best choice for many reasons: firstly, because technical university Ilmenau is between the top ten German university in computer science studying according to the “WirtschaftsWoche” 2014 ranking. Secondly, the topics in the course of computer science studying plan in this university are very interesting and offer an excellent knowledge, which makes excellent engineers. Finally, I heard from many student that the interactive relation between the professors and the students in this university is very fruitful and important for the students; not to mention that, this makes studying there is a pleasure by itself.

In conclusion, I am sure that Studying computer science at technical university Ilmenau will the right step on the road of my dream that is to get the master degree in computer science.

Your Name ____________________


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