Shandong Municipal Government Scholarship


Another Shandong provincial government scholarship opportunity released for students of various countries to begin their study journey in China this year with a stipend and other benefits offered by Shandong Government Scholarship. The application process of Shandong Government Scholarship is same as that of CSC Scholarship.

Shandong Provincial Government Scholarship Coverage

  • Shandong Scholarship Covers Full tuition fee of all Ph.D., Master and Bachelor Studies
  • Shandong Municipal Scholarship Provides Residence to Shandong Scholarship Winners
  • Medical Coverage is provided to Shandong Government Scholarship Awardees
  • Monthly Stipend is also given to Shandong provincial Scholarship students

Who can apply for Shandong Municipal Government Scholarship?

  • Applicants holding a bachelor degree, high school certification or Master degree are eligible to apply for Shandong municipal government scholarship
  • Shandong scholarship applicants must have to be good in health with impressive academics
  • Applicant must not be the awardee of any other Chinese scholarship
  • Must not be a citizen of China while applying for Shandong Government Scholarship

[tie_full_img]Chinese Universities with CSC Scholarships Subjectwise




Documents Required to apply for Shandong Government Scholarship?

  • Filled application form for Shandong Government Scholarship
  • High School Diploma Certification for Bachelor under Shandong government Scholarship
  • Bachelor degree attested copy for master intake and master degree attested copy for PhD
  • Judicially Attested copies of transcripts
  • Passport copy
  • Medical forms signed for Shandong government scholarship
  • English proficiency certificate is also required by the Shandong Scholarship council
  • Recommendation letters signed by any of your two previous university professors or HOD
  •  Acceptance Letter by any professor in any university in Shandong province China

Step by Step Procedure to apply for Shandong Government Scholarship

Find Universities and Shandong province and then check their ‘Scholarship’ Section, to find Shandong Government Scholarship sponsored program and follow the below procedure:

  • Step A: Download and properly fill out the Shandong Scholarship Application Form
  • Step B: Find any university in Shandong province which offers this Scholarship: List of all university websites and contact details are available at the end of this page.
  • Step C: Select your major in any university under Shandong province
  • Step D: Try obtaining an acceptance letter from the professor in any Shandong Province, University
  • Step E: Prepare all required documents by Shandong Government Scholarship Board as listed above and attach it with your application form
  • Step F: Send your application to the University address of online as per University demands
    Check Shandong Government Scholarships requirements in Host university websites.

For more information visit Admissions Guide of Shandong University to check the Deadline, submission of supporting documents and other application instructions.

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  1. waqar bhai please send me the address of International student office of the university of international of business and economics….

  2. Hello. Please I want to apply for Shangdong Provincial Government scholarship in Taishan Medical University but I can’t found it on their website and when am emailing them, they don’t reply. Please what should I do.

    • They receive large number of applications in this season so you can send your documents to university address and hope for the best.

  3. Hello!
    Can you help me,please? I study in Hungary now, as a exchange student. My younger brother is graduating High school this year, and i recommended him to apply here for full BSc degree, but then i saw the deadline is already closed and there is no my country in the list (Uzbekistan). He was very happy and interested in this, i’m feeling very guilty now(( I looked for another EU scholarships which similar to Hungaricum Stipendium, but couldn’t find as well. So, i think China is the best option.
    I want to ask, is it possible to apply for several Provincial Government scholarships such as Shandong, Shanghai, Jasmine Jiangsu government scholarships?
    If yes, which universities can you recommend, where easiest to get scholarship?
    My brother wants to study for Economics, Finances or Business and Trades.

  4. Do I need to get Chinese vise first in order to apply to CSC scholarships?
    The problem is that , when I was filling the last page of the application, there were required documents which I had to upload, but I did not have Chinese visa, so could not finish my application.

  5. I have already completed my CSC scholarship application at Shandong University PhD in Financial mathematics but I missed study plan and downloaded my photo in place of it, by mistake I submitted ,know I cannot withdraw it.
    Dear sir how I can improve?

  6. I want full scholarship please tell me I should have apply in Shandong Provincial Government Scholarship or Shandong Municipal Government or Chinese Government scholarships.?????are they provide full scolarships or not..

  7. Hello sir !
    So the process is :
    Fill that application form.
    Go to shangdong university site.. apply there.. submit the application form there..
    Then.. print the application form., Print all documents and send all the documents to the university ??

  8. Dear where is the list of universities and contact details? I don’t see any link at the end of this page, kindly tell me


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