Summer Hassle Free Vacation: 5 Things To Get Done Before Summer Break!

Congratulations, you’ve survived winter! And soon you will get your main prize: a sweet and juicy, warm and fragrant, lovely and romantic summer. For sure, every season has its benefits. But let’s be honest: the only summer with its vitamin-D-filled sunrays helps your brain naturally produce happiness.

It seems that summer with its frivolous morals, vacations on seashores, and plenty of free time is doomed to be the best part of our lives. However, there are some issues that might become obstacles in your way to seasonal nirvana.

Lack of Sun Protection and Melanin

You know that SPF is important for your skin health. Sun protection products of the latest generations have a smooth texture, nice odor, and leave no residues on the skin. But still many young people avoid them and prefer to be well-tanned than shielded from skin cancer. Fortunately, sun protection is not only about what you put on your skin. It is also about what you put in your mouth.

Some studies show that certain foods can increase the level of melanin in your skin, which is crucial for protection against UV-rays. These are asparagus, bananas, cherries, ginger, brown rice, pineapple, and many others. If you’re not sure if a product contains the microelements you need, check out its color. Apricots and carrots, for example, will definitely prepare your skin for better melanin production and will prolong the glow of your tan. Make sure you consume enough foods rich in flavonoids, vitamin A, vitamin E, and antioxidants. Beans, nuts, berries, cocoa powder, tea, and vegetables will invest in the protection of your body against oxidative stresses and premature aging. Remember: the more colorful your plate is, the better your diet is for your health. And this is not about Skittles, sorry.

Lack of moisture

If you live in places with a moderate climate, seasons changing probably influence your skin a lot. Higher temperatures lead to moisture evaporation and the dryness of your skin and to a higher sebum secretion at the same time. It’s a deadly combo for makeup lovers. To maintain your skin in its top-notch condition, opt for lighter textures of your skin-care products and try to avoid overly thick foundations. BB-cream with SPF 30 would be a perfect choice for summer makeup.

To maintain an optimal moisture level, check out some hyaluronic acid-enriched products. They will bind the moisture molecules inside your skin and will protect it from transepidermal water loss. Don’t forget to drink more water and use moisturizing mists during the day. And please, don’t leave your beauty products under direct sun rays.

Unsolved tasks

Stress and anxiety can ruin both your vacation and your summer. If you are a student, try to turn in all your assignments on time or beforehand in order not to worry about them when you are supposed to relax under palms. Find a quality writing service to help you with your assignments and close all your college issues until June the first.

Actually, it’s not only about studies. Tasks you haven’t finished eat your mental energy, as you spend a lot of time thinking about them. Don’t burden yourself with negative thoughts, problems, and anxieties. Better take them off, as you’ve already done with winter jackets and rainproof spring trench coats.

Things You don’t Need

Minimalism is a trend. Try it now, as when it’s hot, you don’t need so many clothes. Look through your wardrobe and give up things that are good-looking and high-quality but that you’ve ignored for more than a year. There are always people in need who will make better use of your abandoned belongings. Get rid of things that don’t fit you anymore. And actually, this recommendation is a must if you have some body-image issues.

Clean your house from dust, dirt, and things that don’t make you feel good anymore. If you decided to get rid of your body hair, it is also better to have your laser hair removal session now, before the sun is too active.

If you want to get rid of dead skin cells, buy or use some DIY body scrub. Released from dead cells, your skin will glow and your tan will be smoother. And if you decided to have a detox to get rid of some extra pounds, please talk to your doctor first. We are blessed that the detox trend is nearly over and the scientific approach is starting to gain weight in the world of nutrition and diets.

Lack of Activity

It’s a pity to have a lack of sleep and time for oneself during the college year. But being too idle and deprived of things to do can also damage your mental health and lower the quality of your life. This is why we recommend you not to fall out of your normal schedule. Find some summer courses. We’re sure you have plenty of desires and plans you couldn’t fulfill during your classes because you had no time for them. Now you have all the time in the world to go to the ballet classes, French-cuisine courses, or some yoga practice.

Summer is also a great opportunity to improve your finances. Many companies hire teens from 16 years old and offer them not only money but invaluable experience as well.

Long story short, don’t let sunny days pass by unnoticed. Netflix binge-watching and computer games were perfect leisure time activities for the November-through-February period. But today, we invite you to have a look at the blue sky and green trees and to get astonished at how beautiful and amazing the universe is when, thanks to D vitamin, your dopamine level is high.

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