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The internship report is just like an assignment. Students are asked to submit an Internship Report at the end of the training. This article will teach you to write an internship report. After reading this article, you will be able to write a professional internship report.

Key points of writing an internship report

keeping in mind the 4 mistakes students commit during their internship as featured on Forbes are listed below:

  • Create a Title page of internship report
  • Compose an abstract for it
  • Write down the introduction section
  • Draft your experiences in suitable headings
  • Sketch internship objective, scope & highlights
  • Include Milestone’s achieved
  • Have an acknowledgment section
  • Set proper numbering of figure’s & table’s
  • Add references to support your statements
  • Avoid plagiarism in the internship report
  • Print on the A4 size paper
  • Use 12 Point font size
  • Font style should be Times New Roman

If your internship includes the above-mentioned parts then it can be considered as one of the best reports. The internship format mentioned above captures insights from Business Insider’s post of 15 things that interns do to stand out from other candidates.

It is not just about writing a report from the data which you can copy from the internet. It is about summarizing your internship experiences in a professional manner.

Self-judgment during your stay in the organization,  your observations on their mode of operation and executing the work assigned to you by your manager during the internship must be included in the report as shown by the Internship Sample Report.

Summer Internship Report Sample

A complete professional internship report tells a story in a constructive way from start to finish. While writing a report you must keep in mind that your headings and subheadings must be connected to each other.

An internship report is constituted of four basic sections. Introduction, objectives, outcomes and closing summary parts are essential in your report.

List of headings in an internship report could be similar to the following:

  • The opening part of the report: Title page, Outline, Abstract and Introduction
  • Objectives section of a report: Describe assigned work and explain the execution of work
  • Outcomes heading of a report: Discuss the results obtained and show valid result facts to support your outcomes
  • The closing section of a report: Write a short summary, acknowledge people that helped you and include references

Tips for Writing an Internship Report

  • It is advised to start creating the wireframe of your internship report from the first day
  • Always asks the supervisor to help you with the problems when you can’t find the answers
  • Schedule an appointment with your team leader to discuss your work and the way to achieve your milestones
  • Consider internship like a real project instead of a temporary job
  • While working in an industry, you must wear necessary SOP safety dress items before entering the industrial zone
  • It is a good idea to mention the list of SOP safety equipment you have used during your internship
  • Start preparing for the final day internship presentation and final interview
  • Take the initiative but under the guidance of an expert and challenge yourself to pull out the best results
  • Ask for feedback, which makes your employer think that you are flexible to make changes in the work you did

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