8 Shopping Lists for Students and Foreign Travellers


Shopping is always a necessity of life. Nowadays, we can find small as well as giant shopping malls around us. People use to buy the brands they trust. But when people plan to visit a foreign country then it might be a little tricky to find your brands abroad. So, we compiled a shopping list for travelers and students. This is a complete list featuring each and every product required by you. We call it as a foreigner’s handy backpack shopping list.

Making a list of shopping items on paper is kinda handy. The alternate option is to use the top 4 Mashable Grocery list Apps. This makes your shopping easier.

We suggest the right quantity of the products that can be packed in your suitcase. Most of the time, you may not find your own local brands in a visiting country. So you won’t be able to buy such products which were available to you back in the home country. Therefore, we recommend you to make a shopping list and buy your local branded products.

As most of the airlines allow students to carry two suitcases, that means you can carry a lot of luggage alongside with you. A majority of students pack their bags with unnecessary things. That increases the luggage’s total weight. When they arrive at the university dorm than they realize that they did not bring important items.

Such products are also not available in that country or may be available at a higher price. So, the basic drill is to pack your luggage in a way that every essential item must be in your suitcase without carrying unnecessary things. This student shopping list includes all the necessary things which you may need in the future journey.

How much money do you need to buy things listed in Shopping List?

If you plan on buying each and every item listed on this shopping list then you will not be spending more than US$250 in total. If you buy anything not listed, it may result in increasing the total cheque amount you will receive in a shopping store.

The price of a suitcase is not included in his comprehensive shopping list guide. Major colleges in the united states suggest in their college rules guidelines not to bring any prohibited things on-premises of college.

1. List of Clothing Items to be packed in your suitcase with Suggested Quantity

  • Pants (Suggested 03)

  • Formal shirts and Tshirts as per your desired quantity (Suggested 02 each)
  • Blouse, Coat, and Skirt (02)

  • Your traditional outfit (01) To be used in cultural events in your foreign university

  • Pajamas or Nighty sets (02)

  • Blazer amount (05)

  • Blouse (02)
  • Undergarment set items can be bought up to (05)

  • Full-sized Towel recommendation (01)

  • One Bath Robe set (Optional)

  • Handkerchief inclusion in luggage is optional

  • Napkins (Optional Necessity)

  • Belts leather or any other type based on your preference (02)
  • Turtle neck, Sweaters or Jacket (01 each)

  • Scarf sets (02)
  • Gloves (Optional item)

  • Neck Tie for formal dresses (02)
  • Socks units (05)

  • Woolen Thermals for the Winter season for students (02)

2. List of Footwear Items to pack in your bags

  • Formal Shoes (Suggested Quantity 01)
  • Sneakers (01)
  • Sandals Boys/Girls (02)
  • Joggers or sprinting shoes (01)
  • Sleepers that you may need (Optional) (01)
  • Shoe Polish (Not recommended)
  • Spareshoe (Not recommended)

3. List of Cosmetic Products that you need on a Foreign Trip

  • Comb, Mirror, electric or fuel ignited Lighters, and Surf, not recommended. (Forbidden on Flights as well)
  • Shaving kit (Suggested quantity 01)
  • Soap, Shampoo, Toothpaste or Lotion Products (Optional)
  • Scissors, nail cutter, sewing thread, and needle (Not Recommended)
  • Hair Clippers (Optional)
  • Hair dryer (01)
  • Hair straightener (01)
  • Hair curl machine (01)
  • Electronic Comb for girls (01)
  • Waxing Products (Recommended to bring Wax products, if you can not use any other brands available in visiting country)
  • Sunblock (Optional) (01)
  • Lotions (Optional) (01)
  • Electronic Shaver machine (01) (Optional)
  • Electronic hair trimmer (01) (Optional)

4. List of Electronic Products that you need on a Foreign Trip

  • Laptop computer (Recommended to backpack it in hand-carry luggage) (01)
  • Smartphone (01)
  • Smartphone accessories
  • Separate alarm clock (Not recommended)
  • Smartwatch (01) (Optional)
  • External Hard drive or USB drive (01) (Recommended)
  • Tablet (01) (Optional)

5. List of Softwares that you need on a Foreign Trip

If you are traveling in a country where English is not a native language then you might face issues. In supermarkets, you will find software in their language instead of English. So we always recommend people to bring software of their native languages with themselves.

  • Windows Setup software (Highly Recommended)
  • Microsoft Office software setup (Highly Recommended Item)
  • Other software you may think of that you may need

6. List of Seasoning Products that you need on a Foreign Trip

If you are visiting a country where your native food won’t be available then you may have to cook yourself. For that purpose, it is a good idea to bring your own seasoning products with you in your backpack. List of seasonings are as follows:

  • Cinnamon
  • Mustard powder
  • Cardamom White
  • Cloves
  • Tumeric powder
  • Red chili powder
  • Salt
  • Coriander powder
  • Biryani Mix Seasoning
  • Fish Mix Seasoning
  • Black chili powder
  • Black cardamom

7. List of Grocery Products that you need on a Foreign Trip

Moving to a country where your brands are no longer available is always a hectic thing. But the good idea is to bring your products with you. So, here is the list of products which you can decide to pack in your luggage before visiting a foreign country:

  • Milk Powder (Optional)
  • Rice (Recommended to the people visiting China)
  • Tea powder form or in small bags
  • Pickle as per your preference (Optional)
  • Beans are also suggested to people who are visiting China for a period of more than 1 month

8. List of Documents that you need on a Foreign Trip

We will walk you through the list of documents you will need in a foreign country for admission purpose or for other reasons.

  • Degrees, diplomas, transcripts
  • Identity papers such as Passport
  • International driving license
  • Travel insurance policy
  • Traveller cheques
  • Passport sized white background photographs
  • Medical text record reports
  • Admission invitation letter from university
  • Scholarship award letter
  • Visa form copy
  • Bank cards facilitated with Master or Visa service
  • Boarding passes
  • US dollar currency
  • University or office address in local language of visiting country with telephone number

These above listed eight categories include almost every essential thing which you wish to take with you abroad. We highly recommend our readers to please comment down below if you think any item is missing in above shopping list. Many items in this list were considered as per grocery list of WebMD.

We wish you a happy journey and safe flight ahead, reach your destination, make friends and live a happy foreign life.

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