Knight Hennessy scholarship Program at Stanford University in USA – 100 Fully Funded Scholarships

Come join Stanford University, USA to pursue any graduate program in 2017. With up to 100 fully funded Knight Hennessy scholarships open, Stanford offers a real-time opportunity for students to utilize educational resources of one of the world’s best research institutes. Applications from all over the world are acceptable for the scholarship.

The objective of Scholarship Program

The goal of the program is to attract students from all over the world to Stanford, USA to utilize fully sponsored scholarship to accomplish their graduate schooling, in order to produce more innovative contributors for the industry.

Fields of Study at Stanford:-

There is no limitation in fields of study; students can apply for scholarship to pursue any graduate programme at Stanford. From doctorate degree in education, arts, engineering to law, social sciences, business administration or humanities, students have been given full freedom to apply for the scholarship.

Benefits Included in Scholarship:-

Fully Funded Knight Hennessy scholarship program offers an extensive amount of benefits for students who are selected for a scholarship. The Stanford University will not only bear the cost of tuition, stipend, graduate course expenses and other educational expenses, but additional financial support will be provided to students. For the complete overview of benefits, students are recommended to visit the official website of Stanford.

Who is Eligible for Stanford University Scholarship?


Nationals of all countries are eligible for Knight Hennessy Scholars Program. For different eligibility criteria for different countries set by Stanford University for scholarship, students are recommended to review official website of Stanford.

Offered Degrees:-

Not only students who want to pursue a complete graduate degree such as MA, MBA, JD, MS, Ph.D. are eligible but those who look for Stanford’s multiple combined-dual-graduate degree options such as MD+PhD, JD+MA, MBA+MS are also encouraged to apply.

First Earned/ Bachelor Degree:-

Students applying for 2017 must have their first earned/ bachelor degree not earlier than 2013. The applying year and first-degree-passing-year must have a gap of 4-years. Similarly, students who have passed their bachelor degree/ first degree in 2014 will be eligible for 2018 and so on. Enrolling will start the following year of the year applied for.

Tests/ Examination:-

In addition to above, students will have to go through the whole application process including examination/ standardized test such as GRE, GMAT, and MCAT etc. Stanford may also conduct the test to see the English communication of the student.

Application for Knight Hennessy Scholarship Program

In very simple words, the student should be an extraordinary thinker, initiator and willing to work regardless of conditions – there are no pre-defined criteria set by Stanford.

First of all, a student must apply separately to the Stanford Graduate Degree Program in order to be considered for Knight Hennessy scholarship program, otherwise, the application will be rejected. It is therefore recommended to view each department application requirements on their website and make sure what they look for in an application. Mainly, the Knight Hennessy scholarship program targets at three points in student listed below:-

Independent of Thought

  • A student can bring logical/innovative ideas.
  • Should have a brisk mentality.
  • Has a clear strategy to a given situation.

Practical Leadership

  • Eager to grow
  • Has no problem taking risks
  • Knows self-characteristics

Civic Mindset

  • Cool minded personality.
  • Respects differences.
  • Down to earth person.
  • Honest to work
  • Concerned for helpless people

Application Process and Timeframe:-

Specifically, to be enrolled in 2018 scholarship, the student must apply by 1.00pm (Pacific Time) on September 27, 2017, for both Knight Hennessy scholarship program and Stanford graduate degree program. For all the deadlines, a student should see the timeline page on official website of Stanford. Approval from Stanford graduate degree program is necessary for Knight Hennessy scholarship program. Once the department approval is confirmed the application process of Knight Hennessy scholarship program will be started. Students are recommended to read all the perquisites of listed in application process on an official website of Stanford University.

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