Job Promotion Letter Guide


Are you wondering what is included in a job promotion letter? Or are you struggling to find a great job promotion letter template that you can edit to meet your specific requirements? No matter the goal, you have arrived at the right place. Today we will present a full guide that teaches you how to create a job promotion letter, but that’s not all. We will also share a couple of samples that you can use for inspiration.

What is a Job Promotion Letter?

A promotion letter is an official form of communication that informs an employee that they will receive a new position within the company. The document includes all relevant information to the promotion such as payment, new expectations, title, and so on. Employers should also use the document as an opportunity to clarify the roles and responsibilities that the job promotion offers.

What is Included in a Job Promotion Letter?

Check out the list below to see everything that you need to include in the job promotion letter:

  • The employee’s full name;
  • The new title;
  • The updated salary;
  • Congratulation to the employee (best used at the start);
  • New responsibilities and schedule;
  • A request for acceptance.


Below you can find a couple of samples that you can use as inspiration. Feel free to edit them so that they meet your specific requirements.

#1 First Sample


Dear Jane, Congratulations on your promotion to the position of Assistant Director, Marketing Communications effective January 1, 20XX.

The annual salary for this position will be $42,000 paid on a weekly basis.

You will report to Jane Dolan, Director, Marketing Communications. She is looking forward to working with you as you transition into your new role at our company.

Again, congratulations on the new position. Please let me know if you have any questions regarding your compensation and benefits package.


Signature (hard copy letter)

John Doe

Director, Human Resources

cc: Jane Dolan

#2 Second Sample


October 5, 2020

Jennifer Smith

ABS Marketing Firm

Tampa, Florida

Subject line: Job Promotion Notification

Dear Mrs. Smith,

Congratulations on your promotion to marketing director in the marketing department at ABS Marketing firm effective November 1, 2020.

Your new annual base salary in this position will be $75,000, and you will receive payment on a bi-weekly basis. You will report directly to Adam Aimes in the marketing department. Adam is excited to welcome you onboard and is looking forward to working with you on a more regular basis.

Again, congratulations on your promotion to this position. If you accept this promotion, please respond to this email promptly informing me of your official acceptance so we can begin the necessary paperwork.


Hugh Huffman

Human Resources Manager

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