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Letter of interest, also known as a letter of inquiry or prospecting letter or Motivation letter, is sent to such companies that may be hiring, but haven’t listed a specific job.

During your job search, you may want to inquire about a job at a company that you would like to work for, but that company doesn’t have a specific job posting for you to apply to.

In this case, you may send the company a letter of interest, telling them that you want to meet with an employer and you would like to work for that company and be a part of it.


How to write a letter of interest?


If you wonder how to write a letter of interest then you must have a look at this technique to write it in a professional way. Just like you pay attention and carefully write your cover letter and CV. A letter of interest should also be written with the same care and precision.

Because you’re using it as an opportunity to introduce yourself to an employer who’s not hiring yet and you want to convince him that, he should make a spot for you in his company and he should hire you.

In your letter of interest or motivation letter, you should give information about the job that you’re seeking and how your skills and expertise make you a perfect candidate for the job. It is helpful if you know, or can find, someone in the company that you’re sending the letter to. Because this will increase the chances of your letter being seen and you get the job.

You should put your name, number, email, your home address, and your website.

If you’re not comfortable with providing your home address or any other information, don’ worry about it. As long as you’ve mentioned something else that they should contact you with then it’s fine.


Motivation Letter Format



Obviously, you should put the current date on which you’re going to give the letter of interest to the company.

Company contact info:

Here you should mention some information about the company. If you know someone in it, then you should address that person. And start your letter of interest form here.

Opening paragraph:

Introduce yourself and your intentions. Meaning, mention why do you want to work for this company and what makes you a perfect candidate for it.

Qualification/Experience paragraph:

You should write this paragraph with two purposes in mind.

  • Showing how you add value to their company.
  • Showing that you have the qualities that the company is looking for.

Don’t go overboard and don’t start mentioning things that aren’t relevant to the job. Just mention 2-3 qualities that are related to the job. Save the listing of your job experience to your resume.

Closing paragraph:

Here you should thank them for their time and mention your availability for an “informational interview” as soon as they want to arrange one.

What’s an informational interview?

It’s an opportunity for you to learn more about the company and the possible positions available in the company. And a great way for you to meet the right people in the organization that you’re intrigued about.



Letter of interest sample:

City, State Zip Code
Phone Number


Job Title
City, State Zip

Dear Mr./Mrs. Last Name,

The American Company has been perceived as one of the best work environments in the nation for IT experts. You have intentionally embarked to make this culture, and it shows! It is my understanding that you have been deluged with resumes since Computer arrive released their list of the best organizations at which to work. I have one more quality, but I do have some experience that can’t be found anywhere else and sets me apart from my colleagues.

My IT encounter gives me a one of a kind ability to apply technology, in every one of its structures, to business forms. A portion of my business procedure information includes accounting, finance, inventory control, planning, seller administration, and different operational procedures.

I have involvement with merger/procurement occasions, high development challenges, technology substitution projects, and IT process change. I have conveyed extensive technology extends on schedule/on budget and in arrangement with the business system. Organizations I have worked for include ICM, HEP, IBX and SED.

I would value a chance to converse with you or somebody in your association to see where my ability set would be of the best advantage to your organization.



Typed Name


Interest Letter Template Tips


Just keep your letter of interest to the point and don’t go overboard, because the employer won’t give it that much of thought if you start talking about how much sleep do you get in a day.

While writing the letter of interest keep this in mind that if you were the employer and someone sent this letter to you, would you hire them or not? This will really help you in writing a good letter of interest.


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