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Motivation Letter Template for Scholarship | Motivation Letter Template for University

We scholarship fellow mentors always recommend you to write Motivation letter or letter of interest by yourself but for some students who still face stumbling blocks in writing it can use below Motivational Letter Template:

Template of Motivational Letter

You can also see below Sample of Motivation Letter for PHD

My name is ________.

The aim of this letter is to request opportunity regarding PhD in the field of solar thermal technology more specifically solar cooling/refrigeration and heating. I had my B.Sc in Mechanical Engineering from University of Engineering & Technology, Taxila, Pakistan and M.Sc in Mechanical Engineering from College of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, National University of Science & Technology, Rawalpindi Pakistan. My master’s thesis work is completed and I have final defense at the end of next month.

To add a genuine contribution of knowledge in the field of Mechanical Engineering & add something to what has previously been known on the subject, I really want to conduct a research work at doctorate level in the field of solar thermal technology (Solar heating & Cooling) which may include areas like heat transfer, refrigeration & air-conditioning, solar thermal systems, Power Plants, internal combustion engines etc.

My M.Sc Thesis title is “Modeling & analysis of solar assisted adsorption cooling system”. This work is concerned with the study of two configurations of solar assisted adsorption cooling system to meet cooling load of 46kW for an office building located at Islamabad. In configuration-I, return water from adsorption chiller always flows towards hot water storage tank which is connected to solar collector. In configuration-II, return water from adsorption chiller may become isolated from collector-storage tank loop if water temperature in storage tank is less than required temperature i.e. (85C°). Since adsorption chiller can be driven by a low grade heat at lower temperature range 50-85 C° therefore Flat plate collector and/or Evacuated tube collector can be used. The two system configurations were modelled and analyzed in TRNSYS. Parametric analysis was then carried out to investigate the optimum collector tilt angle, least collector area for maximum solar fraction, fractional primary energy savings, and solar collector thermal efficiency.

Therefore I have acquired a respectable level of understanding in the field of solar cooling and heating systems. Absence of even a single solar thermal cooling system here in Pakistan to conduct practical research and hence availability of very few people who truly understands the implementation of this technology from practical point of view, power crisis in Pakistan since 2005 which demands implementation of energy efficient solar thermal cooling system are few reason which really motivated me to continue my doctorate level research in this area. That was the thirst of practical exposure of this technology which motivated me to conduct research at Technical University Ilmenau.

Presently I am applying for DAAD PhD Research Grant and if am nominated for this scholarship scheme DAAD will sponsor my PhD. For this I have to arrange an acceptance letter from German Professor and get admission at university/research institute. I look forward to a committed research where I can not only use my academic knowledge to achieve my research goals but also make original scientific contributions to my area of interest and to mankind in general. I will therefore be grateful to your Research group, if you can give me admission in my above mentioned research area.
your Name ________________


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  • My name is Teweldebrhan Abraha Reda and I am working in Working in Wolaita sodo University as an Assistant Professor of Psychology. I have being actively involved in different academic and administrative positions staring from the beginning. Therefore, I want to pursue my PhD degree in Psychology from one of your university if there is an opportunity.

    Teweldebrhan Abraha
    Assistant Professor of Psychology
    Wolaita Sodo University, Ethiopia
    Dean School of Education and Behavioral Sciences
    Department of Psychology

    • We are just a scholarships sharing website. Please see our CSC Scholarship section to find a relevant university for your PhD program and apply as per its scholarship methodology. 🙂

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