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[Pro Guide] Write An Impressive Study Plan for CSC Scholarship

Study Plan Example for CSC Scholarship in 2021

Last Updated on January 29, 2021


Study plan for CSC Scholarship is an organized schedule that designates study times and addresses learning objectives during your stay in a Chinese University.

Admission into Chinese Universities requires writing a study plan for China outlining why you wish to study in that country, what your learning goals of studying in China are, how to plan to achieve your desired goals in a Chinese University, and what you plan to do after you graduate or complete your education at a Chinese University.

Similar to general study plans or study plan essay, creating a study plan for CSC scholarship will increase your study schedule organization, and also increase your chances of being awarded a Chinese Scholarship.

In some Chinese Universities, the motivation letter document is also required with a study plan or research proposal which clearly states why you wish to study in China.

How to Write a Study Plan for a Chinese Scholarship (CSC)?

To create a Study Plan for China, make sure you have included 8 important notes:

  1. Your full name and past academic credentials
  2. Your most recent education
  3. Your educational achievements
  4. What beliefs you have of Chinese culture
  5. Why you want to study in China
  6. Expected learning objectives/goals
  7. How you plan to study in China
  8. Your strengths & Conclusion

Identify the learning objectives for each session. Each study session must be personalized and tailored to current educational needs. If you have 3 upcoming tests, your study session is most likely going to contain more studying hours and specific goals such as passing exam scores.

If you have a light week with no upcoming tests, your study session plan may include reading a chapter ahead in a certain course.


Don’t create a study plan for China that requires you to study six hours straight without any study breaks. Doing so will overwhelm you and cause stress and anxiety, resulting in longer learning times.

Be reasonable and allow yourself to study breaks when need be. Studying appropriately and efficiently will reduce learning times and increase learning objectives met.

How to Create a Study Plan for CSC Scholarship?

Follow the steps below to create your study plan for CSC scholarship:


The purpose of your study plan for the CSC Scholarship is to outline goals and answer the following questions for the CSC scholarship:

  1. What beliefs you have of Chinese culture?
  2. Why do you want to study in China?
  3. How you plan to study in China?
  4. What do you think about Chinese Universities?
  5. Expected learning objectives/goals in Chinese University

Include research and pertinent information detailing how you will achieve your academic objectives. Be sure that your plans are clear and concise for the Admissions Board to review.


Create a time chart that allows you to recognize your best and worst days for studying. Time charts show you exactly how much time you spend on each daily activity you perform. Take notes while at home, work, and school.

Recording this data will serve as a reference for highlighting the days you can squeeze an extra hour of studying in. You must structure a timeline for your learning goals properly in your Study Plan for CSC Scholarship application.


After your time chart has determined available dates and times for studying, make note of this in your monthly calendar. Block off those specific times in your calendar to help remind you of your upcoming study session.

Writing your study sessions in your calendar make them seem more important, like a doctor’s appointment and creates accountability.


On a week when you have four upcoming tests, your study plans need to be updated to include the study materials needed for each specific exam, increased hours of studying to prepare for the exam, and plans for how you’re going to achieve a passing score.

For a lighter week, you may only need to include plans for that week such as reading ahead a chapter in a certain course.


Try your best to stick with your scheduled study sessions. Skipping one study sessions means you’ll likely skip more in the near future. Stress, anxiety, and overwhelming feel all result from skipping study sessions or slacking on your objectives. Stick with it and it will take you less time to learn!

Importance of Study Plan for CSC Scholarship Submission

Be reasonable when scheduling your study sessions and writing them in your study plan for China. Make sure to schedule and pencil in study breaks when necessary.

Studying for 6 straight hours without any breaks is less efficient than studying for 4 hours with a 10-minute break each hour. Study breaks allow your brain to recollect and redirect itself. This maximizes your chances for effective studying and learning.

Study Plan Sample for CSC Scholarship and Study Plan Example for CSC Scholarship download from the link below:

Download: Study plan Sample


Muhammad Yousaf

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  1. Hi Yousaf,
    iIts quite a great blog but nothing can be marked well unless you put some examples, I am still unclear about the study plan. Can you please put some examples like “Studying for 6 straight hours without any breaks is less efficient than studying for 4 hours with a 10-minute break each hour” in all paragraphs.
    I know you are helping, it would be great if you consider these points.

    Kind Regards

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  3. Thanks for the information!
    How is the course syllabus added to the easy?
    Would it be necessary to include a chart of the course syllabus in the study plans as well?
    Look forward to hearing from you.

  4. Thank you so much for your advices on the study plan. I have a little concern about the different steps. All those steps listed above have to be included in the study plan? Or concerning de scholarship application, once you finish to answer to all questions in the first step it is sufficient for the study plan? I’m asking you those questions because when reading the study plan sample I have downloaded I hav’nt seen the steps 2 to the last one.
    Can you explain me more? Thank you

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