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[Pro Guide] Chinese Government Scholarship in 2021

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Chinese Government Scholarship is now open for international students to apply for CSC scholarships in Chinese Universities. Complete online application for Chinese scholarship can be launched using an online application system.

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China Government Scholarship is open to all international students who are interested to begin their next academic journey by taking admissions in undergraduate, Doctoral or Master level academic programs in any of the 243 Chinese universities offering CSC Scholarships.

Steps For Online Application – Chinese Government Scholarship


Online Application Process - CSC Scholarships

Step A

So now you gotta apply online at CSC Scholarship Website which is also known as the Chinese Government Scholarship.

Below is the Online Application link for CSC scholarship from where you can apply online at CSC Scholarship Website for a Chinese government scholarship.

Step B

While filling CSC Scholarship online Application form on Chinese Government Scholarship web page, you’ll be asked by an Online system of CSC scholarship application web page to insert “Agency Number of Chinese universities for CSC scholarship” of the university for which you wish to apply it, so download agency numbers from this below link:

Step C

Carefully analyze particulars in Chinese Government Scholarship form online before submitting your application, hit the submit button once you review your CSC scholarship application and save the pdf file.

Take prints outs of CSC scholarship form, prepare listed documents mentioned in the below step and send 2 sets of Chinese government Scholarship application to university address.

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Step D – List of documents for Chinese Government Scholarship:

  • Notary Attested Copy of MS Degree for Ph.D. applicants & Attested Bachelor Degree copy for Master Degree applicants
  • Notary Attested Transcript of final Degree
  • Two Letters of Recommendation from your last university professors
    A sample of Recommendation Letter can be viewed and made accordingly by your own professors of the previous Institute where you studied.
  • Download Medical form also known as Physical Examination form for Chinese Government Scholarship, print it out to attach with CSC scholarship documents, go to a nearby government hospital and complete its procedure by asking the doctor to sign it in two places:
    1- On front page sign and stamp on your picture of Foreigner’s Physical Examination Form
    2- Sign and stamp at the end of the same above form
  • Study Plan Required to attach with your application so download its sample here:
  • ENGLISH PROFICIENCY CERTIFICATE required which means NO IELTS or TOEFL wanted to apply for any CSC scholarship in any Chinese university.
  • Also, have to attach Passport Copy and Acceptance Letter issued by professors of a Chinese university where you want to take admission. An acceptance letter is totally an optional thing so you can skip it as well. Attach all above documents with printed Chinese Government Scholarship form, make two sets and send to the targeted Chinese university
  • Some Universities also have their own online application system, so besides CSC Scholarship online application, you must also fill out an online admission form of that Chinese university, if they require. Then take print of university application form as well and attach it to your Chinese government Scholarship application document package.
  • Make two sets of above-mentioned documents but must cross-check with university requirements and then find the address of the Scholarship department of the university where you wish to apply and send your 2 sets of documents via DHL, FedEx or Pakistan Post.

Application Procedure Completed.

How to apply for the CSC Scholarship?

Step 1: Fill the CSC Scholarship Online Application Form

  • Create your profile and CSC scholarship web account
  • Fill CSC Scholarship Online Application Form
  • Make separate CSC portal accounts if you wish to apply to many Universities
  • Find the agency number of Chinese university where you want to study
  • Insert agency number of your Chinese University in CSC Scholarships online application form
  • Select the type of the CSC Scholarship award which you want and select ‘category B’
  • Fill your credentials and desired degree course you want in China
  • Submit your CSC Scholarship online application
  • Download CSC Scholarships online application form

Step 2: How to submit the CSC Scholarship application to the Chinese University?

  • Find out if that Chinese University requires an online application for admission alongside with CSC Scholarship application or not
  • If an online admission application is not required by the university then you need to submit CSC Scholarship online application form only and send your documents to the university
  • If they want you to submit an online application for admission to that particular Chinese University, then apply online first on their website and attach your CSC Scholarship form in online application system of that University
  • Fill rest of the admission form and CSC scholarship sponsorship form at that particular University site and review your application before submission
  • Submit your application and make 2 sets of documents and dispatch it to the University address

Required Documents for CSC Scholarship Application
A set of Required Documents

    • Please make sure if you can furnish attested copies of degree and transcripts for CSC Scholarships application submission
    • Ask two of your teachers to give you a favor by writing recommendation letters for you for CSC Scholarship application
    • IELTS certificate or HSK award letter if you have (Both optional), you can also provide a simple certificate stating that your last degree was taught in the English language. It is called English Proficiency certificate, that is available from your university
    • Schedule an appointment with your doctor to carry out complete medical examination for CSC Scholarship and then ask your doctor to sign and stamp the form
    • Write a detailed and impressive research plan and state clear reasons that why you want to chose a Chinese University for your next degree?
    • Apply for a passport if you don’t have it now and make sure you have it at the time of submission of your CSC Scholarship application
    • If any particular Chinese University requires an application screening or an application process fee then submit it. Print its receipt and attach it to the two sets of your documents listed above
    • It is advised to choose a reliable courier service to send your CSC scholarship application documents directly to the address of that Chinese University.
    • The Chinese Government Scholarships sponsors international students once a year in all Chinese Universities
    • You can keep in mind that the deadline for Chinese Scholarship (CSC) varies in all Chinese Universities. So, a rough guess for the deadline for CSC scholarship would be the end of March.
    • If you win the CSC Scholarship then the next step will be to receive admission and Chinese Student VISA documents on your residential address.
    • Now, you have to make an appointment to visit the Chinese Embassy to apply for a Chinese VISA.

List of Chinese Universities offering CSC Scholarships Sponsored by China Scholarship Council:


A detailed analysis of Chinese Government Scholarships was discussed on our site where we answered all your questions before and if you still have any issues then post your questions down below. A quick read on the article about the student guide to study in China is highly recommended.

We made the List of Chinese Scholarships for you to find your desired degree programs with ease.

Click Below to see the list of those universities which have No Application Fee.
List of Universities without Application Fee for CSC Scholarship China

Agency Numbers for China Government Scholarship online application. A quick read on the article about the student guide to study in China is highly recommended.

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  1. Thanx a lot for sharing this information. its really helpful.
    please! need some additional information if you can provide.

    what is program category A B or C?
    Can u explain a little.

      1. which type is suitable for us?and shouldn`t there be an option for applying in other two universities of choice at the bottom right of the online application form?and sir please tell me the last date for application of undergraduates?

      2. I want to start completing my application online for 2018-2019 Chinese Government Scholarship. When are applications opening online for the Chinese Government Scholarship. I am unable to access the application form online.


      4. Salaam bhai meri english itni he k mujhe samjhna ati he aur kuch kuch bolna ziada nahi lekeen me parhna chahta hon chinese language me bachelor karna chahta hon scholarship per koi direct tareeka batao bhai mera intermediate me A grade he me pakistan se hon

      5. AOA. yousuf bro. Can you please share list of engineering universities which are offering FULL Scholarship like CSC or university scholarship for march intake 2019? This will be really helpful. Thankyou for your time. jazakAllah

      6. sir,
        I am doing engineering. Now I am a 7th-semester student can I apply on hope certificate on the base of the 6th-semester result. My degree will be completed in July.

      7. Man I tried to apply for the CSC but they are asking for a notarized copy of my high education certificates and admission letters yet I have just finished my ‘ A’ level so how can I do it

  2. Hello, thank you for the information. But what mean Type A,B,C on the left side, before agency number? And if you want a scholarship which type should you choose?

    1. Type A means to apply through embassy, Type B means applying for CSC scholarship directly from university and type C is for applying by means of other channels associated with CSC council.

      1. Sir what is the most easy way to apply for china scholarship or sir do we have any other way to direct take admission in china.

      2. If we want to send documents to university than its mean we are apply through university. will it be a type B??

      3. Sir I’ve heard a news about CSC that a student can apply to only 3 uni’s under category B and 2 uni’s under category A. is it so? please verify.

    2. I like sport please I need your help I’m morris kamara from West Africa monrovia Liberia I have read your profile and I agree with you please

  3. Hi, thanks for information)
    do you know when will work website laihua? i wana register but it always write that there are some problems.

    1. CSC server is down for few days, they are performing scheduled maintenance. You can apply after a week or so 🙂

      1. i still can’t login my account, they always said your email address is not verify, so how can i get verification bcoz i didn’t receive any verification email. please help.

      2. Hii Sr. Muhammad

        I am Domingos, i have the same problem about the website’s connection. it always state that there is some problem?
        Can you help me to find this.

      3. Salam sir hope you are good
        Sir I want to study In China for my Ms on paid scholarship so what will be my procedure plz inform me sir


      1. slm bro ma IR ma k liyay fully funded scholarship k liyay apply krna chahta hu thoday sa information dana plz

      2. Hello Dear, my name is Fisseha and am already apply for master program in mineral engineering/ mining engineering with Chinese Governmental Scholarship for September 2019 intake. Regarding this application i use two different Email account for CSC online application and for Wuhan university of technology website application.
        So, please if it have any problem regarding this case, help me to change and to use by one email account for both websites…….
        please i need ur reply

        with best regards!!!

  5. Is it confirm to send 2 sets coz on site it is mentioned to send jxt duplicate some saying to send one set some 2 and some saying 3 sets, i want to know the confirmed and authenticated number of set of documents to be coriered to respective uni international office

    1. Every Chinese university has its own requirement to send documents in original form. Many universities will ask for 2 sets and very few will prompt you to dispatch three sets of documents.

          1. Do we have to attest the photocopies of our degrees from the notary public or the original documents?

          2. Hello, Muhammad. Maybe you can help me with the following question? If I want to apply for Chinese Goverment scholarship to get Bachelor degree I need apply through embassy in my country or I can apply directly to a university? Becouse some people say that you can apply to university only for Master or PHD.

      1. Please sir can I have your WhatsApp number for you to guide about the scholarship application form. Or you can send me a message on my WhatsApp number +23279335073. Thanks

  6. Hi, i want to ask if except the paper of phisical examination i have to send also the documents of electrocardiogram and HIV analysis? Thank you

  7. Hello, thank you for the information. But I have one question: I’m at grade twelve and I need to send an academic transcript but I don’t know whether it has to be for grade eleven or for every year at school?

  8. can u tell mi about the

    foreigner physical examination form and what kind of doctor can verify it…………..

    plz reply soon

  9. Hi, Thanks for your information. It is brief explained.
    Do I need to get confirmation or offer letter from any university first in order to apply the scholarship?

  10. I need some one let me know which type A, B, C is to be selected if applying chineese university under university schlarship

  11. Hi, Thank you for your information.
    Do I need to get offer or confirmation letter from a university of China first in order to apply the scholarship? I mean do I need to be a student in a Chinese University to apply for the scholarship?

  12. Hello, I would like to know when the results of 2017-2018 will be announced and how I can check whether I got the Chinese Government scholarship? Is there any website? Thanks in advance.

  13. What about BGS I am selected for beijing Government scholarship in which written all tution fees will paid by BGS

  14. Hello. I applied for Chinese Government Scholarship and was told the list of successful applicants will be published by mid July, 2017. But I have not heard anything up till tow. Please I wish to know when the list will be out and whether or not applicants will be informed of the result via email. Thank you for your prompt response.

  15. Hello
    I want an info. If i have no acceptance letter can i apply through catagory B?
    If yes, then what to write in supervisor name coloumn in csc application?

  16. Hello waqas muhammad,
    My name is SHAMSIYA AMINU RAJI. I am a citizen of nigeria.i want to start an application process for scholarship to east china university of political science and law(ECUPL) do I start? I will really do appreciate if you give me a feed back through my mail.thank you!

  17. Hello.
    I am from Pakistan, i did Masters in Commerce, IElTS 6.5 too and willing to go for MS for research in business studies or economics leading to Phd, I am glad to have found this website but its loaded with scholarship information’s,
    so first:
    !- dont know as which scholarships are CURRENTLY OPEN and also where would i be ELIGIBLE to apply i.e UK, USA, Italy, S.Korea ?
    Personally i suppose china would be a good option,
    2- so how much will it cost for the whole procedure (uni with/without process fee) etc, and also is the application session open if yes then untill when ?
    3- csc scholarship benefits/facilities etc ?
    Thanks for your kind help

  18. Hello Brother.. Very useful information u shared to us.. One thing to ask that how to send two or three sets of documents to university for which we applied? which service we should use for rapid processing>>

  19. Hi!
    I would like to know whether it is possible if I am still in the middle of high school and would like to participate in this scholarship, is it possible though?

  20. I am a high school student. I wanted to apply for this scholarships program. I want to study MBBS in china. May I supposed to apply for this scholarship ??? How can I do it? Through the chinese embassy in my country or other resources? And I want to know when will be the application date for the fall 2018.

  21. I would like to apply next year for CSC and there is something i want to ask. During online form filling in CSC there is an option where you give your preferences of 3 institutions. So if i want to apply for 3 universities then isn’t it good to fill online form once and write the preferred institutions names and don’t make new accounts for applying to other institutions???

  22. Please i want to apply for a full funded 2018/2019 scholarship at Beijin University with my degree certificate in History and International Studies. When is the time to start the application to beat up the deadline? Thank you.

  23. hi, i wish to know if you also need to submit the English proficiency certificate though you undertook your undergraduate degree in English.

  24. 1st of i would like to appreciate for ur cooperation, Waqas Muhammad i want to ask u one question Is it confirm to send the notarized(attested) copies before you get admission(selection) or after admission(selection).

  25. i want to apply in China but i dont have any link or source then how i can apply for PHD scholarship in Dalian China.

  26. I am already in China studying in one of the universities in China under the Presidential Scholarship, can I apply to be considered for the CSC?

  27. Hi, thanks so much for your article! I wanted to ask, if my university English was not medium language , should i take IElTS then? Thanks in advance

  28. fee also submitted before application.last time I apply for east normal university but no information given to me.please help me how I apply for scholarship

  29. This is amazing opportunity to all of the world to study in China .however, I will be grateful and mindset to apply in the people of the Republic of China to study over there, meanwhile, keep that spirit of helping world society.

  30. Hi. I would like to know why Chinese universities place the age factor as one of the pre-requisite for awarding scholarship? For example I have both M.Ed and M.Phil and this might have taken some time. With this scenario in view, can there be any concession for those of us in this category.

  31. I am looking for full funded master scholarship how can I get scholarship and information bout that. highly appreciated your efforts and cooperation

  32. Sir is it must to apply for Chinese taught bachelor program? We can not choose English language as medium of instruction at undergraduate level in the online application form? Sir please explain?

  33. Thank you for the clarification, I also want to know whether it is compulsory to open cucas account before you start your application. Tnx

  34. hey. your post really helped me i was confused about the category type. i want to apply for 2018 but i searched about no where it shows last date? as i have to get my study plan and medical examination report ready i want to know what is the last date? do you the last date ?

  35. irr, what does it mean when you say apply through embassy? Like do I have to go to the embassy myself??
    I visited their cultural office but I was dissapointed as they were saying the word “online” too much. As you know we need agency number for applying online. So what exactly should I do? Do I have to visit the embassy for chinese government scholarship?

  36. I wish to pursue my Master’s program in economics or finance related subjects. I have a degree in BSc Mathematics with Economics. Can you please suggest some few Chinese universities for me?

  37. In CSC application, which document I should upload in the field “Recommendation Letter from the International Student Office of your university”

  38. If I want to apply for Chinese Government Scholarship to get a Bachelor degree, I can only apply through the Embassy in my country or I can apply directly to a university?

  39. I recently passed BS (Biotechnology) 16 year program, from university of Sindh Jamshoro. I want to continue my study in China for MS/Mphil. which university best suited. please guide me.

  40. I did my master degree in Korea Republic and I am currently in Nigeria and back to my Organization. So, do I necessarily need to obtain recommendation letters from my Professors in Korea, or can I get recommendation from my office in Nigeria?

  41. I have a Ten Month certificate of Proficiency in Information Systems Management with a (Credit), can I qualify for the CSC degree scholarship if I apply for an IT course, because I don’t have a the highest diploma. But have seven years work experience in the same field

  42. Sorry I am Tanzanian and currently wish to get undergraduate scholarship…I will be pleased to receive direct links to get such organizations that can fund me…..

  43. Please can i apply for morethan one universty under csc, or the application is valid to apply for single university. i need information in details please

  44. Hi,
    sorry I’m having a problem accessing the CSC website for registration from the links that you provided, am I doing something wrong perhaps or is something wrong with the website

  45. dear how to find faculty of zoology dept in these listed uni-and if yu could kindly snd me email formate and copy of acceptence letter which might pave the way for me to apply for these scholarship through acceptence letter i will be very grateful to yu

  46. I am 38 years old and want to apply for MPhil in China,is there any university who can offer scholarship to students above 35 and opting for Mphil.

  47. Thank you som much for the imformations. I would like to ask as I will be finishing my Bachelor at 8 of 2018, can I apply ?

  48. Please can you recommend any of the accepted Universities in China for me wanted to do Undergraduate program in Logistics and Shipping Administration

  49. Hello Sir
    I got the acceptance letter from professor of Huazhong Agricultural University in PhD level. But the problem is my Masters result will not be published in scholarship deadline. So, if I send the recommendations letter from my Department chairman that, my result will be published within 1 month, then will it be ok?? How much chance to get an admission regarding this conditions?

  50. Hi Muhammad Yousaf,

    My name is Hubert and I am desperately trying to find out more information regarding the CSC to get into the Beijing Film Academy. The deadline has already passed but it’s noted on the website that they still accept late submissions. ( I already tried contacting the Chinese Embassy in Toronto, Canada but they aren’t responsive…The BFA only directed international students to contact their respective embassies to apply for the CSC. Are there any other channels I could perhaps pursue? Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks you. I’ll leave my email just in case. Hopefully you get this in time!

    1. You can apply directly to university via CSC Scholarship university Program. But in case university does not support this program then i am afraid to tell you that there won’t be any other way to apply rather then finding the same program in any other Chinese university.

      1. asslam o alikum sir i am zaheer ahmed i have completed my bsc degree in depratementt of soil science sindh agriculture universty tando jam pakistan so sir i would like to msc from china so sir plz guide me thanx

      2. I got a pre-admission letter for the International Office of the university and they asked me to apply to the Chinese embassy. What to do? If I do not apply as i get to know now there is not the time still have I a chance to get CSC scholarship??

      3. Hi yousaf , wanna apply for this scholarship and am a first Degree holder. How can really access it so that i can fulfill my Dreams.

  51. Hello!!
    I am BangladeshiI
    I need csc scholarship for undergraduate study in china
    main course English / Chinese
    ?? I need English

  52. Hi my fellow
    I’m Rwandan and I’ve ended secondary in 2017 in December but I need scholarship .
    Muhammad may you help me to get more information about it !!?

  53. Thank you so much Muhammad. The Beijing Film Academy does support CSC. I managed to find some more information by personally going to the Chinese embassy myself. They directed me to their website. Thanks for your prompt reply!

  54. Aoa Muhammad Yousaf,
    This is very informative & helpful. I am going to apply to China through CSC scholarship. I want to know that my passport ( Which is computerized & expired) should i give the expired passport no.(to save time & Old one will be attach after renew) or first should I renew my passport then fill the application? what would you suggest? Thanks

  55. I am a veterinarian and I have a master’s degree and I want to apply for the PhD degree for the China grant, but I want to know Agency Number?

  56. Thank you Mohammad. What is attested documents? What are the benefits of each type of scholarship, A, B and C? Do I need to get supervisor, PhD program before applying for the scholarship? When is 2018 deadline?
    Peter from Nigeria

  57. Hi muhhamed Yousuf thank you very much i am Somali boy i haven’t Mony to buy univerties of the world because scolarship is very important for me please
    I will send a message to help steps that is important to apply scolarships
    Muhhamed please write me for your whats app number, Facebook,email,your tell number

  58. #Help Post#

    I want to apply CSC scholarship Type B category program . My Peking university supervisor also sent the acceptance letter about 2 days ago. 30, Nov was the last date for online application in Peking University. In this case, if i apply CSC scholarship without pre-admission letter. Where should i send the hard copy?

  59. I want to apply for a PHD in computer science what will be the procedure? I understand the CSC process but i m confused when and how to choose university? and what is the deadline to apply?

  60. Salam Sir PhD k liey age ki limit Kia hai aur Kia government employ apply kr skta hai.
    Mere bhai ki age 42 hai aur government job bhi hai.

  61. I am from Eritrea. I work in Eritrea Institute of Technology as GA. Dear Yousaf, there is a age eligibility criteria says under 35 years for Masters studies in CSC Government Scholarship. Is 35 years included during application and during entrance to Chinese institutions? Thank you for your support.

  62. Thanks for sharing this information,but i’m quite not sure how to start my application because i understand i have to create an account and etc but still haven’t found the link for creating an account.
    And if you can give further information regarding agency number.please.

  63. Hi brother I need the email of the professors from Nanjing Agriculture University and Lanzhou Jiaotong University I couldn’t find from its websites can you help me to find that. thanks

  64. Hello! This scholarship can be apply without admission letter or not? Or we need accepted by the university then we can apply for the scholarship?

  65. Yousuf bhai I want to apply for PhD but I am finding much more difficulty in searching for potential supervisor.Plz guide me some steps relative to finding potential supervisor.

  66. After submitting the CSC online application form, we have to send 2 sets of complete documents to university. Do we have to attach original documents in one of those sets or both will be duplicated copies? Also, how to confirm whether we have fill the university online application after csc application or not?

  67. I am from an African country. i have finished the application for CSC. I chose type B. Please do i have to apply to the university i chose ?

  68. please am from Ghana and i want to apply for full scholarship and study in china ….please help me with the application process

  69. Assalamo alakum yousaf bai.
    I did my graduate in chemistry(BS(HONS)-CHEMISTRY). Now what i do to get scholarship in china? Now through what channel i apply either type A, type b or type c?

  70. hello yousaf, i would like to know about people who can apply on behalf of the applicant as agents do you know about them? plz let me know if that ca help

  71. Hi Muhammad Yusaf,
    I would like to encourage you that you are doing a great work.
    I want to apply for CSC and want a full authentication to avail 100% of it, my query is about Program category A. When i select A, there comes 3 blanks for chinese institutes on form , Will embassy choose from them or what? Will i get the same full CSC scholarship or not as in type B? What is the better choice in your opinion, Program category A or B?

    My CGPA is 3.32/4.00, studying in NUST.

  72. Hi
    CSC requires for notarized copy of Transcript and degree copy. Here in my country notary authenticate only copy of degree but not Transcript. But university I graduate from certify that its true copy, so does this university certification acceptable?

  73. I would like to apply for CSC but I can’t access the link to apply online. If possible please send me the link

  74. Hello Muhammad,
    are we obliged to give an english language certificate if we want to apply for chinese taught program?Thank you.

  75. Hello! Can you guide how to apply for universities? I mean we can directly apply for university admission or there is another application form for CSC applying students?

  76. Aslm Muhammad, I am Sani Mukhtar from Nigeria. I am having difficulties in writing a study plan for the CSC scholarship for Masters. I was wondering if you have samples that can guide me through . Thanks.

  77. HI Waqas ,i have a question regarding Posting of Document to university international office, i completed my Online Application under TYPE (B) and i choose
    Liaoning university,Now i printed out the filled application form , So what is the Next step to do??

  78. Hello sir I m complete my BS 4 year degree in cardiology now I want to apply for MS in cardiology which university support this program pls kindly guide me

  79. Sir is there any restriction for photographs back ground for CSC form, because i uploaded the photo with black background because there was no as such requirement was mentioned for photo background. Kindly reply

  80. Hello mohamed yousaf
    What should i do if my country does not issue passport without having an admission letter?

  81. thank you soooo much for this information. pls the account i used last year is still showing “status in progress” bcos of that i can’t edit and i want to apply this year so should forget about that one and create another? tnx

  82. I’m quite pleased to have found an informative site to get an answer for my question. to be short I have just completed my degree program a couple of months ago and our university only issues original certificates after a year from now, however they have given me an attested provisional certificate and right now I’m very interested to apply for this 2018 scholarship of China, will they accept me to apply with the attested provisional certificate of mine until I obtain and present my original cert to them in March 2019??

  83. Hi Muhamed!

    Is it acceptable for someone to apply with an attested provisional certificate in the meantime, provided that the original cert will be submitted in due time?

  84. aoa brother i want to apply for scholarship what you will suggest me because i m not a fresh student and i m confused to find the university and scholarship program as well as my study gap is 10 years almost i tired to find coursces regarding to my subject i want to do MS in computer science

  85. Hello Muhammad Yousaf,

    I had some questions regarding CSC Scholarships.

    Can I apply via type A while being in China or I have to be in my home country in order to apply to this category?
    If I choose type B will I have full scholarship like type A?
    Do I need to provide acceptance letter to CSC from the university I want to apply to or I can just apply and wait for the results?

  86. Please some can help me that anyone applied for Fudan University and paid the due payment University online Fee 800 Yaun ?

  87. Do they allow those who have passed their secondary school with good grades, or those waiting to be enrolled in their home country’s university

  88. Hi
    I’m going to finish my undergraduate degree in this year june(3 months remaining)
    Am I eligible to apply for the CSC Scholarship?
    And what is the possible of getting the scholarship?

    1. Hi
      I’m going to graduate in this year june 2018 (4 months remaining)
      I want to know if I’m eligible to apply for the CSC Scholarship and what’s the preferred CGPA to qualify?

  89. Hi
    I’m going to graduate in this year june 2018
    I want to know if I’m eligible to apply for the CSC scholarship
    And what is the preferred CGPA to qualify for the CSC?

  90. My IELTS is expired already one year. Can I use my job experience as an English teacher in the last 2 years as a proof that I was using English all the time since it was expired? (anyway this rule to me is so unlogical since language is not something that is so easy to be forgotten but still)… thank you

  91. Hi Muhammad Yousaf,
    i want to apply for phd and i have no degrees of bachelors master and i have only transcripts of both because my degrees are late from the university so can i applicable for the chinese scholarship

  92. Hello dear Muhammad Yousaf,
    i want to apply for phd and i have no degrees of bachelors , master and i have only transcripts of both because my degrees are late from the university so can i applicable for the chinese scholarship

  93. Please which documents must be in duplicate is it de scholarship form, admission application form and de recommendations letters.

  94. Hi, I want to study phD in china, I want to come with my family (wife and kid), will i get accommodation in university itself? also I want to admit my kid in school at china, is there any allowance given to my kid’s education?

  95. Greetings

    I am having difficulties creating a new account on the scholarship council website. The site does not show where the error is with entering any of the information in the provided fields. The print at the top says gmail and yahoo mail may fail. I tried to use outlook but still same problem. Perhaps you could recommend another email adress provider. Please assist with this issue.

  96. Hi, my name is Mohamed and Im kindly requesting your guidance on fully funded scholarships in china? and when is the deadline for those scholarships?

  97. Hie Muhammad Yousaf,what’s the link for the CSC registration page? I can’t access the one stipulated in the memo.

  98. Hi, I’m very thankful to you because you have made the opportunity to ask you about the different questions related to CSC Scholarships from China. I also want admission in one of the Chinese University through CSC Scholarship as I need it. So would you please help me out finding my program (Major) from one of the Chinese University who is offering MS/M.Phil in ”Mass Communication” or related to Media Study? I’m unable to find that University who is offering this major. I’m very upset now. Because deadline is coming very close. I’ve made all my required documents but at this point I’m badly struck.

  99. I need contact with you through WhatsApp because it is for me.
    Please I bag you +255 777 04 9698

  100. Hello Muhammad Yousaf,

    The information was really helpful but I still have a few questions. I’m graduating this year and I haven’t gotten the diploma yet. In this case what shoud I do? Also, Do I need to apply to the embassy?

  101. Greetings!
    I successful opened online csc application form yesterday and they sent me activation link, I activated my account and I started filling the form however, when I try to resume inorder to complete filling the form, the link is not opening anymore. So please help help me on how to rectify this problem. If possible then send a valid link.
    Thanks for your crucial time

  102. Thank you for information . Is there full scholarships for undergraduate students looking to pursue engeneering studies studies in China ? if yes is there any restriction on age please ?

  103. Hello Dear Muhammad
    I really appreciate for the helpful briefed information you have provided about CSC. Would please help me in the agency no. lists of universities, I couldn’t find “Central China Normal University”. Is this university not under the csc?

  104. Asalamu alaikum Muhammad Yousaf.Its a great pleasure to meet u online and most especially your page for scholarship seekers.Honestly ,this page is very helpful,i pray the Almighty to grant u peace and baraka in your work .
    i have doubts which i would like you to clarify:
    1).This list of chinese universities which provide CSC or chinese Government Scholarship u have provided in this page seems to omit some other universities which are marked asterik in red in the cse web page indicating that they offer CSC scholarship.Please clarify this
    2).Is there any dateline for the CSC online application form other than university datelines.Also,Does the dateline stated by universities means that all your documents should reach the university by post on or before or it means last date for filling the online application of the university and sending the documents afterwards?
    3)How do u go abt applying for 2 or 3 universities for CSC scholarship? if yes ,then what about the physical examination form ,do we have to make color copy and distribute it?
    finally 4).Is it accepted for an engineer undergraduate eg in Electronics and communication engineering(ECE) apply for MBA program ,and what is the chance of being accepted.
    please Mr yousaf help me clear thses doubts on this discussion forum and also copy the answers to my email: for future reference.thank u

  105. thank you for your information dear Ms, Mohammad Yousaf!
    I want to complete the China council scholarship application online but it’s address or site do not open and I am in a big problem because I am selected from my university to higher education to introduce in this scholarship. thank you???

  106. Bro have online apply for nanjing agriculture university . Please for nanjing agriculture university application procedure give me some hands. Because I have got an acceptance from nanjing.

  107. Hello Muhammad , I am in Rwanda I would like to know if I have I have a corespondent at a university I want to apply ,
    Can I scan documents and sent to him so that He/She can submit the copies to the University ?

  108. hi i am very interested to apply for csc scholarship but the website is not working. what should i do?

  109. I have been unable to access the application site for several days now.

    Is there anyway to see what’s going on, or am I just stuck checking every day?

  110. Hi Mohammed am happy to talk again but you told me on my email that your going to give me an agent to help me but i didn’t get him/her while I a want to apply soon for CSC scholarship and if it’s possible you can told me the e-mail or contacts I can easly found you so that you can help me in applying.

  111. Assalamualaikum Mr Yousaf,

    I’m intending to apply for CSC but unfortunately it’s official website is not working. I’ve been trying for many days now. It’s application deadline is also getting near. As you know that online application is a must for applying. Can you please help me with this issue ?

  112. I am very excited to apply this scholarship incase of everything is ready
    but i just would like to ask you for any information that what kind of code verification under the name and Password? can you respond it soon! Please.

  113. Am a graduate in BSc Environmental Engineering in the University of Energy and Natural Resourses but i want to do my master in abroad.
    name: Saeed ibn idris kofi yeboah

  114. I have lost my passport and don’t have enough money to make a new one. Can I make passport after when I got the scholarship?

  115. I have lost my passport and don’t have enough money to make a new one. Can I make passport after when the scholarship is confirmed?

  116. The website of csc scholarship is not responding since yesterday I started to fill in the online scholarship form from Ghana. Is something wrong with the csc scholarship website?

  117. Am Enkusialsie from Ethiopia currently am applying in csc scolarship but the page says there is server problem

  118. Brother, I have trying for couple of days to access CSC Scholarship website, but it is showing trouble. How can apply for the scholarship then? if you have the form, please send me on my mail or suggest me what to do?

  119. Hello. I am wondering if it is possible if I apply for 2 scholarships, one through the embassy and one directly from univ. (because both CSC). Do I have to make seperate account for it?

  120. How about language proficiency is it a must to get IELTS or TOEFL or Chinese language????Would you kindly clarify about it???

  121. Salam, i have submitted my applications later i discxovered i have not signed on the CSC application form. pls advicxe me what to do.

  122. Please what is the deadline for CSC online application? because for today 10th March, the website is not opening.

  123. hiiiii Sr.
    I have some problem regarding to the online application form because it always states that there are some problem with the connection… can you help to find this… and/or any suggestion

  124. Hello! Im Trying to apply but the CSC site its not working. The deadline in my country is 30th march. But I cant apply because the site is not online. What should i do?

  125. What is the closing date of online application submission of CSC website 1. central Normal university. 2. East China Normal University. 3. HUAZHONG UNIVERSITY OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY. 3. WUHAN UNIVERSITY 5. SHANGAI UNIVERSITY 6. SUN YAT-SEN UNIVERSITY. 7, XI’ AN JIAOTONG UNIVERSITY.
    Because CSC website is shout down tell 20 MARCH.


  126. I want to apply for MBA in finance specialization in USTC which discioline and major should i selecr for this.plz guide

  127. Hello,

    CSC servers are down & I am still wondering how to apply for the Scholarship, Kindly Guide is there any other mean to get CSC Scholarship 2018-19 & what is the last date ?

    Kind Regards,
    Muhammad Haroon Khan

  128. Hello sir, do you know if it’s possible to apply to multiple CSC scholarship programs, since I’m a european union citizen, can I apply to both Chinese gov scholarship-Eu program and regular Chinese government scholarship?
    That would mean applying both through the European embassy, and for the regular scholarship, through the universities. Is it possible to do so?
    Or can I only apply to either EU program, or regular program?

    Also do you have any idea which one is harder to get?

    Thanks in advance for your answers!

  129. what is the last date of application submission for CSC 2018-19?
    Most universities in china have admission application submission deadlines in April to June? Will CSC accomodate it?

  130. if i post hard copy of every document from UP through speed post then how much time is need to reach to china?

  131. Hi,
    I am trying to access website but it cant be access.
    Can you tell the procedure how to apply CSC…??

  132. Do two sets of application reuire to send through a courier mail or separate courier? and why two sets? pz reply.

  133. Hello Muhammed, i want to know what is the deadline for online application for csc for this academic year 2018/2019?

  134. Hi, I want to apply for chinese government scholarship but I can just enter the agency number of one university. If I want to apply for three or four universities with scholarship what should i do? can I send the filled csc form with the agency number of one university to other universities too?

  135. Good evening Mr.Yousaf,
    I’m an enthusiastic student who wishes to study bachelors degree in China through CSC scholarship.
    I really need your advice on getting CSC scholarship. After reading brochure of CSC scholarship I understood to contact with dispatching authorities in my country, however, when I called to Chinese Embassy in Uzbekistan they rejected to answer to any of my questions.
    1) Do I need to contact to Embassy to apply for CSC scholarship, whether applying online is enough?
    2) Can I get chinese government scholarship for english-taught majors in bachelors degree through applying online to CSC scholarship and making application with that form to one of the Chinese Universities?
    I hope you will give your suggestions for my questions as soon as possible since deadline for most universities is soon.

  136. Hi, thanks for information
    Please do you know when CSC online application system for international student will be active? i want to register but the site is not responding and always giving message that the site cannot be reached.

  137. I have a question regarding application for CSC, I am current CSC scholarship student and gonna marry in few days and my wife,s name is changed on passport and after marriage her name will be changed where as she has different name on her certificates…So if we apply for CSC will it cause any problem as name on passport and on certificates will be different?…thanks in advance

  138. Please with the type B is there a limit on the number of schools a person can apply?As in a limit on the number of accounts one person can create and apply to different schools, if there is a limit how many schools is one person eligible to apply to.


  140. hi muhammad yousaf…
    kindly, can you tell me the last date of yunnan agricultural university through csc.. bcz it’s not appearing on the website.

  141. Hello and thanks in advance, I have a big problem I am trying to get to the website and start applying but it is always shuting down and giving me the message that there is somthing wrong and I can’t apply , what can I do ?

  142. Good day. my name is Daniel, i have been trying to open the application online and quickly complete everything before next week and its not opening. I think it has closed, is my assertion correct?

  143. Brother Muhammad Yousaf i want to as about 2 set document
    if m wrong then correct me University online form and csc online form both print out and then attach all document with uni online form and same as csc online form. and these document put into one parsal.
    bro i’m waiting you’r kind response.
    shoukat alyani

  144. Hi waqas bai

    csc universities mai b apply krna hy ya bs csc ki site py application fill kr k uski hard copy with supporting documents k sath university send kr daina hy

  145. The CSC scholarship link doesn’t opens, it keeps bringing errors. How do I get the application link because the deadline is approaching now.

  146. Assalamu alaikum, please I wanted to apply for the scholarship since but I found difficult to get the portal of the scholarship, please in need your assistance to provide the portal for me.

  147. I retrieved my online application for editing but am unable to edit since the save and submit icons are missing and all other icons are inactive. My application status reads “in progress”. Can I make a fresh application with a new account?

  148. Please when is the latest date to do the CSC online application? Has it already ended because lately I can’t get to the site,the page is not opening..I had started the application process but I did not have all requirements. But now the site is not opening for me to complete my application so as to process the form to the university I wish to apply for and time is running out.what do I do??

  149. Hi Yousaf,
    i want to know does getting a acceptance letter from a professor increases the chances of getting csc scholarship or not. I received an acceptance letter from a professor i want to make sure of my chances

  150. Hi Muhammad Yousaf
    My name is Wajid khan and I have filled the csc online application, now i want to log in from university for chinese government scholarship . But when i enter my Email then show me that this Email is not existed.

  151. please sir,I want to study library science.I need the name of the school that have the course and their agence number and address

  152. How about Award letter of CGS from embacy ? Can you explain please how to get this and how important it is?

  153. Students who already live in China don’t need to do take the physical examination right ? Just scan the residence permit right ? That’s what it says on the Chinese government scholarship site

  154. Salam dear bro.. we are already on CSC studying Master degree, will be graduated June 2018, but I would like to continue my PhD study is it possible? if yes, then how we fill the CSC online form like ordinary, those who are applying fresh?

  155. Hi Muhammad Yousaf,
    I am from Nepal. I have search lots of universities in China for the program of Master in International Relation / Political Science or Mass-Communication. I found very few universities in English medium. The requirement is HSK or Proficiency certificate that type of certificate I can not provide. In this condition any other way to fill up the form of scholarship ?

  156. can you tell me when is the closing date for CSC 2018? also tell me about programme type. can we register through two programme types? i.e through embassy and chinese universities as well

  157. Hello Sir, I would like to find out, how many words should the study plan contain?, can I send my university application after my scholarship application or I need to have them sent at the same time?

  158. Hi there! I want to apply for ph.d scholarship in china, but i’m confused… where i should start! Last dates, best universities, university criteria, language proficiency etc. I want to apply this year! Kindly help me find and get scholarship.

  159. I have the interest to attend the short duration courses Internship, Fellowship in Public Administration, PLZ guides me.

  160. When is the deadline for CSC application material submission for Xi’an Shiyou university? Is it the same time with CSC online application closing date? Your quick response will go a long way cos I’m out of time. Thank you and God bless

  161. Hi,am Sylvester,from Ghana.Please, I would want to know if the 31st March is the deadline for only the online application of CSC? Or does the deadline also includes submitting the documents by post? Am confused here.Your input would be much appreciated.

  162. Dear Waqas ,
    I have got two recommendation letters from my university professors .i want to apply more then one university , can i send photocopy of recommendation letters to csc universities ?
    waiting for your kind response .

  163. I have already received a conditional acceptance letter from Tsinghua university, then I completed and submitted the Chinese government scholarship online application. Do I have a good chance of obtaining the full scholarship? And When will the results be released? Thanks

  164. My name is Okimo David Caesar from South Sudan a graduate of Political Science, Juba University. I started applying for China Government Scholarships around February where i was left only with uploading recommendation letters and study plan but unfortunately when i tried to log on the CSC online application system, it doesn’t respond, what could be the problem? I am desperate help me go about it.
    Also i would appreciate your advice in helping me get the right University where i can do Master ‘s of International Relations apart from China Foreign affairs University. Tell me also about the deadline because i was away for one month but i am already back; i had already started the application around February.

  165. Hi Muhammad,

    Hope you’re well and thank you very much for all this great information you share with us.

    I have an inquiry.. is it really necessary to send 2 set of copies of the documents required for the CSC Scholarship to the universities I’m appliying to? or does it just depend on the requirements of each especific university?

    I ask this because I don’t remember having seen this step when I was applying to some universities (Beijing Institute of Technology, Beijing Foreign Studies University and Beihang University), but only saw the online application as mandatory.

    Thank you very much for your attention.

  166. i was filling online application where in contact information it was written ADDRESS TO RECEIVE ADMISSION DOCUMENTS. please explain what is meant by it?

  167. Thank you for the information.
    I am applying type B but the advisors are not responding my request, what will be the consequence.

  168. Hi Muhammad Yousaf, i want to know if its possible students who are already studying in china without a governmental scholarship to apply for a scholarship through CSC whilst in the middle of their studies in china?

  169. sir i want to study bscn in china {bechlor of nursing science sir plx guide me which univercity is best and how can i apply for the undergraduate program sir i will be thankfull to you plx sir plx

  170. Hi Muhammad Yousaf,

    First, thank you for all the information submitted in this blog, it’s very kind from you and very helpful for future applicants. In the same order, I would like to know which grade certificate is needed to apply to a bachelors course?


  171. Hello,

    My friend wants to apply to multiple universities just to raise the possibilities to get accepted. What would you suggest in this case?

  172. Salam. Hi Yusuf, I am the Philippines was applying for CSC Scholarship type B and sent two sets document to the university where I am applied but suddenly up to now, there is no announcement or notification that I am accepted or rejected. The deadline for submission was the last March 15, 2018, and before the deadline, I already made an online submission and sent my documents but up to now, there is no response.

    Thank you and Wassalam.

  173. THIS is Renang Alfred Qothelo from AFRICA 🌍 (LESOTHO) truly speaking I love this so how am I going to apply? Please help me cause I need masters.

  174. Does a fully funded scharship program funds the double degree expenses in both Paris and China?

  175. how will you know you have been picked or not when you apply for the chinese government scholarship

  176. Hi, I applied to CSC scholarship through our local Chinese embassy (type A) and I’ve noticed that my online application status has changed into (in progress). Does that mean acceptance or what?? Thanks

  177. I am going to China . Because China is Very Beautiful Country.i leave in Dhaka at my interesting chines languidness.

  178. Good evening sir, I am among those who applied for Chinese Government Scholarship at which I opted for Dalian Medical University 2018/2019 session to study Clinical Stomatology (Dentistry). Pls. the reason behind is I am seeking any related information if available. Best regard.

  179. I have been selected into two University and both have sent my documents to CSC. Now, who will decide, which university will be final. whether CSC will decide or I need to send an email to universities/CSC for the same.

  180. Hello Mr Muhammed, I want to apply for CSC scholarship Type C. I already made an account and went through the online process. However, the webpage is is downed doesn’t work, can’t open to re-enter the site. What I have to do please. Is the issue due to the deadline or still there is a vhance to spply. Waiting for your reply. Regards

  181. Please I need full funded scholarship for undergraduate China university but all I do see is in Chinese language not in English language for management science department and please how can I register for many universities because will ask me to withdraw and edit so if I withdraw have the first one cancel or what please kindly help me , thanks alot Sir

  182. I could not find any university who is offering fully funded scholarship in Mphil in English language.can you assist me or suggest me the University?

  183. مرحبا
    انا صلاح من العراق ارغب في التقديم لدراسات العليا
    امنية كبيره ان اكمل دراستي في الصين
    ماذا افعل كيف هل يوجد رابط لتقديم ام ماذا

  184. Hello, please I relation to the physical examination record, am I to submit it together with the application or will come with it if I gain admission into the Tianjin University?

  185. Hi Muhammad Yousaf,
    Thanxs for your information!
    When is the deadline? it is not mentioned.

  186. Hello Yousaf, how can i check if i have got an admission and selected for the september intake please???

  187. Hello, Muhammad Yousaf,
    i need your wise advice about to get scholarship in China. recently i have completed my M.Phil (Finance) with thesis ( Factors affecting the impulsive buying behavior of customer). my academic background is strong enough to convince someone. i need your help to get scholarship in China. can i get your response as soon as possible? i’ll wait for your reply

  188. I applied through an Embassy, when will the results come up, and when it come up, when one supposed to be leaving for China?

  189. I have been selectesd for CSC in one of the universities in China. But i am already studying in another university. Can i use the residence permit for the new school

  190. Dear sir I’m a student of business administration honors final year my degree completed on December And I want a continue my studies but I haven’t resources so I need a scholarship for MBA program please guide me how I can apply. Thank you.

  191. I missed the deadlines, can you tell me if there are dates for fall admissions too? Or do I have to apply next year?

  192. l want get full scholarship in China for master degree.
    l want study master in human resource management.

  193. Air i wanna admission in china univeraity through any scholership my email address please give me advise and also support me ..
    Admission in moleculer biology or related to medical field im fresh graduated of medical laboratory technolofist

  194. How to get CSC result (list of nominated candidates)? Which website provide the information? Please provide me information.

  195. hi, i am a student form mongolia. i am currently in china doing my chinese language course. i applied for several university scholarships for a master degree program but with no luck.
    please,do you know if there any scholarships available for this September here in china? you help would be really appreciated.

  196. Muhammad Yousaf, thank you very much for this wonderful support and services to the young learners you giving. I will like to have your personal email and/or phone number, to talk to you personality. I really appreciate your efforts and may the almighty Allah reward your abundantly. Thanks, I am Muhammad, from Nigeria.

  197. Thanks for your good information. Now I want to know about which is the best scholarship Government scholarships or university scholarships in china ?

  198. By Muhammad,
    I am really amazed to have found such a wonderful website. Please I want to inquire if there is any Chinese schorlaship university available for entry.

  199. Would you please update me the CSC scholarship result. I was applied for CSC scholarship in SCU 2018-19. If you know any link address to check the result, please

  200. Thanx for information. Can you tell me that is there any ph. D progm in law offered by Chinese uni for foreigners as a scholarship.

  201. sir last date for mphil scholarship and i am msc Economics ,,now i am take admission in mphil socialogy law or education

  202. I was nominated for CGS by Tsinghua University and got approved by CSC and I am recently waiting for the final admission letter to be sent via DHL…..How likely is it that I get full CGS? (I know the details are specified in the letter, just wanted to know the likelihood)

  203. Hi,
    I had applied for an undergraduate Chinese Scholarship (CSC) in June 2018. For a month now, there has been a message; Application status: In Progress; what does it mean? I read somewhere that “In progress” or “rejection” is the same. Does it mean that my application has been rejected? Kindly clarify

  204. Want to know whether if by may ending of may 2019 you will be 35 can you still apply for the masters scholarship since the application is from February to march

  205. Muhammad,
    Please, how do I check if I was selected for csc scholarship from csc website. I currently have an issue I apply for csc scholarship 2018. On my application page at the school websited, it is stated “ADMITTED” and the scholarship is CSC. It been there since June 2018. But till now I have been receive any documents from the school or csc. I called sveral times and they said its not ready yet. I know the school will resume in September 2018 and we are already in August.. I am confused.. How do I handle this issue ?

    You are doing a hell of job.. WELL DONE and KEEP IT UP.

    I also suggest you add a link CSC RESULTS to you site.. That will be awesome.

  206. Salaam,
    Respected Sir, I am checking the CSC online portal from past a week to check the status of my application, but unfortunately it doesn’t open at all. Sir if possible please drop an email on the mail id mentioned below. I need the help desperately regarding the same. I will be highly thankful for your immediate response .
    Muntazir Abrar

  207. Sir, I got Diploma in Business Management. I want to apply for Degree program. Which university will accept me. Kindly advise. Victor Hopa

  208. Hi, my name is Sulemana Hamza from Ghana. I want to apply for the Chinese Government Scholarship but my problem is choosing the program category. Do I pick category A or B. I need so clarification. thank you

  209. Hi Sir, My name is Asaf khan and i have just completed my Studies of BS BBA.Now i want to apply for MS in China can u tell me when will be admission starting.

  210. hii ; i really hope to find some answers here ; im kind of lost , so im applying for csc i prepared half of the papers still left for me the transcript and the certificate , i cant have them till april, and iv been informed that the deadline is on january , im applying on type A ,could you please inform me what to do .

  211. Hi
    I want to know whether Chinese universities offer scholarships for fall intake only or for spring intake also? If there is any university that offer scholarship for spring intake 2019 kindly reply with the university name please specially in business or management sector.

  212. Aasalamualikum brother i am from Indian administrated Kashmir and i want to study Chinese language in china.How can i get the better scholarship

  213. Deadline dates are not menssioned, if any student apply directly to the university or through embassy then which way is the best???

  214. when I apply for scholarship in China would I know whether I have been given or I have to start schooling before working it out .Also do u have a specific GPA u require before one can get the scholarship

  215. Hello ,very nice information.
    Can you please inform that if somebody is already studying under CSC category TYPE B master’s program and he/she want to apply for Phd consecutively with all the requirements mentioned above by you.Is it possible that he can secure Phd scholarship or is it not allowed by policy?

  216. Hi Sir, Thanx alot for the information. Sir is it mandatory to have IELTS certificate and publications for Chinese universities.
    when they will announce the admission or application date for the PHD ,any idea please.

  217. Hi,i wish to know the type of schoolarship available in china.its is patially funded or fully funded and i wish to know if the scholarship is also opened to persons who studied English language ,and have bachelor’s degree.

  218. Assalm-o-alaikum..
    I want to ask some questions:
    1) Do we need a strong bank statement for applying an kind of scholarship? Is it mandatory?

    2) Do we need Passport for appearing in IELTS?

    Kindly Reply ASAP, JazakAllah..!

  219. sir, i want to apply for undergraduate on type B, but how can submit the application form directly to university?

  220. my name is MANIRIHO Jean Pierre from Rwanda, I want to apply for CSC Scholarship 2019-2020 can help me to get a list of university i can apply for?

  221. Hello, do you know if i can still take scholarship for the autumn semester 2018??

    I ve already started my courses in the Chinese university.

  222. Dear Sir/Madam

    I’m Clayton kuria, a grade 12 student of Utu Secondary School in Papua New Guinea and I’m very much interest in applying for the scholarship that you offered but I doesn’t know how to apply .
    I’m kindly ask if you can help me through to pursued my future carrier .
    You can contact me here,
    I hope you honnor to consider my request.
    Thank you very much

  223. Thank you very much to see your helpful hints for study in China. May I know? Do you have any consult office where pupil get help directly?

  224. Dear sir, I have completed M. Phil degree in mathematics and trying for the last 2 years for chinese govt scholarship but I could not get yet. I am asking that how I will get the acceptace letter.

      1. Assalam o Alaikum sir,
        sir my metric result will be announce up to Aug, 2019, and i want to continue my intermediate form China through fully scholarship. is any technical or non Technical college/ university is offering intermediate scholarship be a part of CSC Scholarship Scheme.

  225. hello sir. Please sir, in 2019 which month will they give admission to international students to resume school ? Thank you

  226. Hi waqas M, my name is bereket and thank u for ur help! My question is I got already TOEFL Ibt certificate; so is that enough or should I bring another English proficiency certificate from my university for the scholarship?

    1. There is no general grades requirement specified by most of the Chinese Universities. But if you got above average grades and a good study plan or research proposal then your chances of winning a CSC scholarship are then healthy.

      1. Respected sir
        i am learning chinese language in china.can I apply for csc ?I have completed M.Phill from i eligible for this scolarship?

      2. sir how can i find a target university ie specific for organic chemistry and to get online application form of that univesity and how to change the language of that online application form

      3. Sir! plz can you help me on this?
        I have applied some university together with csc scholarship, but on that online form of csc scholarship after submitting there are two option displayed.
        (1) withdraw and edit.
        (2) Save and print
        My problem is when I try to save and print does not bring for me option of save but it display some Chinese words with a red page with an X. Plz help me on this.

  227. Hi Muhammad Yousaf,
    Thank u very much for ur information . Now i need your help to know which Chinese University requires an online application for admission alongside with CSC Scholarship application or not ?????? if there is a link about it please share because i have been checked so many university on their website but i haven’t got any information.

  228. Respected sir
    i am learning chinese language in china.can I apply for csc ?I have completed M.Phill from i eligible for this scolarship?

  229. Hi sir! I want to know if i can apply for the scholarship as we becouse mi grade in universuty is below average.

  230. Hello,
    Can I apply on same major at bachelor degree in different CSC Scholarship provided universities at once ?
    Recommendation letter and Study plan is also needed for Bachelor level also?
    I did not find email address to send scan document for bachelor. Could you help me to get it?
    I hope you reply all my questions.

  231. Hi Muhammad,can i apply for in any course without spending a year or more in a university in my country on that course.

  232. Hello Muhammad,
    I want to apply now, which session is still up for grabs? 2018/2019 or 2019/2020? And when is the closing date?

  233. hello bro i want to apply for fully funded scholarship of M.Sc in IR so please tell me what is the procedure to apply…..?

  234. Thanks a lot for sharing this information. its really helpful.
    please! need some additional information if you can provide.
    i need list of universities for bachelor degree program, without application fee.

  235. Assalam ALekum
    Yusuf bhai i wana ask something about csc scholarship 2019 as they started ? and the 2nd thing is that is it mandatory to get acceptance letter for ms scholarship ?????

    SH Bangash

  236. Hi. Can you please tell me about the deadline or started date of submittion date to apply for scholarship? Is english certificate is nessecary?

  237. Thank you so much for full information. My question is i am studying in China for bachelor degree. After one year it will be self paid. Can i apply for SCS to get full scholarship?

  238. dear sir thanks a lot for this well guidance..
    its Mansoor Ahmed from Pakistan.
    sir i would like to know that how much max: cost will it take to reach at the uni, if my form is accepted.??

    and after accepting my form, is there any entry test,foundation semester or zero semester before taking admission into regular degree program..??
    is it necessary to have visa or after acceptance of application, should apply for it..?? because i havt applied for visa yet…

  239. Hi dear! I want to get the China Government scholarship, how can I get it?
    please help with me about it, thank for your help!

  240. hello sir i m undergrauate student does my documents should be simply notorized or both notorized and attested ???
    universities offering scholarshp through csc only shows master and phd scholarship could i apply on such universities.
    if could not apply than how could i find undergraduate study offering scholarship
    (also mention required documents for undergraduate)

  241. I study in china and will finish this year can I applay for another scholarship for next degree. Will my file be accepted or I have to stop one year and then applay.

  242. Asslam o alaikum bhai.main ms k lay china uni mein apply krna chaha rha hon mgr mjhy kahen say bi link ni mil rhi online apply k lay ..plx link snd kr den apply k lay..

  243. Hi Muhammad

    I’m Issa from Zanzibar-Tanzania,i have already finished my first degree of financial administration n Accounting,and now looking for a CSC Scholarship for Masters program…could you help me to find for a CSC scholarship

  244. Hello Sir Muhammad Yousuf, I am trying to apply for CSC Online but when I upload my certificates, there comes a ready note in Chinese of which I do not know what it means but then my document is never uploaded. What can I do to successfully upload my supporting documents?

  245. Is it true that there are are some universities which only need online admission and no need to send documents in hard to that particular university??
    please help


  247. So please when will the results of the winners of the Chinese government scholarship come and the dateline of Application for 2019/2020

  248. o please when will the results of the winners of the Chinese government scholarship come and the application dateline I wanna know pls for 2019/2020

  249. o please when will the results of the winners of the Chinese government scholarship come and the application dateline I wanna know pls for 2019/2020

  250. sir,
    I am doing engineering. Now I am a 7th-semester student can I apply for CSC on hope certificate with the 6th-semester result. My degree will be completed in July.

  251. Aslaam o Alaikum, Muhammad Yousaf…
    i have recently completed my BS degree in Computer science, i wanna do further studies from any abroad’s university.
    could you guide me from A-Z ? Could you contact with on gmail?

  252. Hi, What is the possibility to extend the PhD scholarship to the 4th year? And what should be done for it, Both Generally and SGS(Shanghai Gov Sch) in Particular? Any Ideas would be appreciated. Thanks Guys

  253. Sir I am in 7th semester and doing bs chemistry I want to study in China in any university my cgpa is 3.3 .I want to study MPhil in China .Can I apply in 2020 .How I can apply ?

  254. Hello sair
    Coud you please tell me How can I fill out a CSS form for some universities? Only three universities can be used in the form. For example, what should I do if I want to apply for 6 universities?

  255. Hello sair
    Could you please tell me How can I fill out a CSS form for some universities? Only three universities can be used in the form. For example, what should I do if I want to apply for 6 universities?

  256. Hi,

    My professor recommends me to apply for Ph.D. directly at ECNU. I have completed Bachelor Level study here at Nepal. Am I eligible to apply for the 2019 Ph.D. program?


  257. Hello, thank you for the information. But what mean Type A,B,C on the left side, before agency number? And if you want a scholarship which type should you choose? how apply these scholarship my whatsapp 034498134563

    If i want to Apply through university what are they process to be done to you go successful and win csc scholarships council in china for undergrugate.

  259. Hi,
    How can i find that which Chinese Universities are open for admission and their deadline dates?

  260. Thank you for sharing this useful information.
    I want to know I study at NJUST with Chinese University Scholarship (partial) in Chemical Engineering field. Can I apply to CSC in different university for MBA program?

  261. Hi Muhammad,
    My name is Believe from Nigeria but presently in China doing my Bachelors degree and will be graduating July this year. I want to continue with my masters degree immediately but under the Chinese Government Scholarship. I’d like to know when will be the appropriate time for me to apply

  262. Hi,
    Thank you for this information but if I want to apply as a Pakistani where should I submit my 2 sets of my documents?

  263. Hi,
    I registered on the CSC online portal but I did not completed the application nor I submitted it. Now when I login I cannot find my information saved before. What do I do ?

  264. Hello,
    I want to ask a question about language. I am a master degree student. I want to study in Chinese so I want to take a prep class for Chinese. Does the scholarship cover this preparatory class? Is this also accepted?
    Thank you.

  265. I’m staying in Algeria and I’m not exactly confident in the courier companies this side, how else do you advise I do to get the documents in time, those ones that are required to be deposited via post

  266. Hi, is there a way to apply both for type A and type B?
    As I’m from south east Asia, I can apply for CSC – AUN scholarship, which is type A.
    But I’m not so sure about my chances, so I wonder if I can apply for type B as well. To increase my chances.

  267. I’ve applied to Soochow university via online university portal, which shows the application in process. what do i do next? either aplly to CSC and send both forms and the documents to the university or shall I wait until the status of the application on the university portal change from “in process” to “accepted”

  268. This article says that IELtS or TOEFL score is not required but some universities are asking for IELTS or TOEFL score..I’m confused

  269. Hello,I found information,that who have already studied in China cannot apply for the Chinese Government scholarship. But I can apply through embassy,do you know I else can get full scholarship for the Marter Degree except some provincial scholarships.

  270. Please tell me there any rule that one student can apply 3 universities in 2019. If i can apply more than 3 i will automaticlly dis qualified. Guide me in this regard.

  271. tell me to how.many universiry can we apply i heared that only you cam aply to 3 university
    2.How can we know tahat a specific uni have admission fees or not

  272. Sir can you please confirm that which university offered “Ph.d” in “Political Science” because The Subject of Political Science is not mentioned in the universities offered CSC?

  273. Hi, I learn recently that we can apply only to 3 universities through CSC this year otherwise CSC will not consider our application. is this true?

  274. thank you for this valuable information my question is there any PHD scholar programs in educational leadership and management position? and on which university i will try to apply for this position?

  275. Hello many thanks for the website, I’m trying to download the ENGLISH PROFICIENCY CERTIFICATE sample, but is not available, can you please provide it to me ?