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Chinese Government Scholarship 2019-2020

CSC Scholarship - Study in China
Written by Muhammad Yousaf

Chinese Government Scholarship 2019-2020 is now open for international students to apply for CSC scholarships in Chinese Universities. Complete online application for Chinese scholarship can be launched using an online application system.

If you have decided to apply for Chinese Government Scholarship 2019-20 then you need to submit this online CSC scholarship application and apply directly in a Chinese university which offers your subject degree. China Government Scholarship 2019-2020 is open to all international candidate students who are interested to begin their next academic journey in Bachelor, Doctoral or Master level academic programs in any Chinese university.

Chinese Government Scholarship 2019

Step A: So now you gotta apply online at CSC Scholarship Website which is also known as Chinese Government Scholarship. Below is the Online Application link for CSC scholarship from where you can apply online at CSC Scholarship Website for Chinese government scholarship.

Step B: While filling CSC Scholarship online Application form on Chinese Government Scholarship web page, you’ll be asked by an Online system of CSC scholarship application web page to insert “Agency Number of Chinese universities for CSC scholarship” of the university for which you wish to apply it, so download agency numbers from this below link:

Step C: Carefully analyze particulars in Chinese Government Scholarship form online before submitting your application, hit submit button once you review your CSC scholarship application and save the pdf file. Take prints outs of CSC scholarship form, prepare listed documents mentioned in below step and send 2 sets of Chinese government Scholarship application to university address.

China Government Scholarship 2019 Online Application – Document list

STEP D: List of documents for Chinese Government Scholarship:

  • Notary Attested Copy of MS Degree for Ph.D. applicants & Attested Bachelor Degree copy for Master Degree applicants
  • Notary Attested Transcript of final Degree
  • Two Letters of Recommendation from your last university professors
    A sample of Recommendation Letter can be viewed and made accordingly by your own professors of the previous Institute where you studied.
  • Download Medical form also known as Physical Examination form for Chinese Government Scholarship, print it out to attach with CSC scholarship documents, go to a nearby government hospital and complete its procedure by asking the doctor to sign it in two places:
    1- On front page sign and stamp on your picture of Foreigner’s Physical Examination Form
    2- Sign and stamp at the end of the same above form
  • Study Plan Required to attach with your application so download its sample here:
  • ENGLISH PROFICIENCY CERTIFICATE required which means NO IELTS or TOEFL wanted to apply for any CSC scholarship in any Chinese university.
  • Also, have to attach Passport Copy and Acceptance Letter issued by professors of a Chinese university where you want to take admission. An acceptance letter is totally an optional thing so you can skip it as well. Attach all above documents with printed Chinese Government Scholarship form, make two sets and send to the targeted Chinese university
  • Some Universities also have their own online application system, so besides CSC Scholarship online application, you must also fill out an online admission form of that Chinese university, if they require. Then take print of university application form as well and attach it to your Chinese government Scholarship application document package.
  • Make two sets of above-mentioned documents but must cross-check with university requirements and then find the address of Scholarship department of the university where you wish to apply and send your 2 sets of documents via DHL, FedEx or Pakistan Post.

Application Procedure Completed.

We made the List of Chinese Scholarships for you to find your desired degree programs with an ease.

Click Below to see the list of those universities which have No Application Fee.
List of Universities without Application Fee for CSC Scholarship China

Agency Numbers for China Government Scholarship online application. A quick read on the article about the student guide to study in China is highly recommended.

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Muhammad Yousaf

Muhammad Yousaf is mentoring new students to win scholarships for a long time. He realized the fact that it is essential to create a platform where students can find authentic opportunities to apply for and ask questions regarding any relevant matters.


  • Thanx a lot for sharing this information. its really helpful.
    please! need some additional information if you can provide.

    what is program category A B or C?
    Can u explain a little.

  • Hello, thank you for the information. But what mean Type A,B,C on the left side, before agency number? And if you want a scholarship which type should you choose?

    • Type A means to apply through embassy, Type B means applying for CSC scholarship directly from university and type C is for applying by means of other channels associated with CSC council.

  • Hi, thanks for information)
    do you know when will work website laihua? i wana register but it always write that there are some problems.


  • Is it confirm to send 2 sets coz on site it is mentioned to send jxt duplicate some saying to send one set some 2 and some saying 3 sets, i want to know the confirmed and authenticated number of set of documents to be coriered to respective uni international office

  • Hi Muhammad Yousaf,

    My name is Hubert and I am desperately trying to find out more information regarding the CSC to get into the Beijing Film Academy. The deadline has already passed but it’s noted on the website that they still accept late submissions. ( I already tried contacting the Chinese Embassy in Toronto, Canada but they aren’t responsive…The BFA only directed international students to contact their respective embassies to apply for the CSC. Are there any other channels I could perhaps pursue? Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks you. I’ll leave my email just in case. Hopefully you get this in time!

    • You can apply directly to university via CSC Scholarship university Program. But in case university does not support this program then i am afraid to tell you that there won’t be any other way to apply rather then finding the same program in any other Chinese university.

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